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Need to lose weight for sake of my poor feet

Need to lose weight for sake of my poor feet

Having spent a fortune with podiatrist, reading NHS advice, losing weight will be the cure. I knew this but in denial but the symptoms given are exactly what I suffer. I did ask the podiatrist but she was very vague about weight affecting conditions. Wish she would have been more strict with me as that is what I need. Hope this website helps me.

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Welcome Angela , I am sure you will find this site with all it s info useful ,I have tried weight watchers off and on for 3 years but only get a stone off and then lose motivation by week 8 , I am now going into week 12 , I have my own diet using the calorie counter for totting up and go to gym 3 times a week usually ,but without the support of others on the forum I am sure I would have lost interest , I did have a wobble on week 8 as I had been away and gained a little but have kept going ,I used to suffer from plantar facilitis and now I have hardly any trouble .My advice is speak to us about how you are getting on and people here will help you through the tough days .Good luck with your journey


Ive lost two stone and over since xmas ..my feet are worst..as i have major trouble aswell..im shocked as i was told id get better..im in constant pain even thou ive dropped my weight...good luck hope it helps youxx



Hi and welcome Angela :)

Your timing is great, we've just started a 12 week plan, re-boot challenge and you'd be very welcome to join us. The challenge can be found in the Pinned Posts section to the right of your screen and with it are several other challenges, our welcome newbie thread and a fabulous collation of recipes, all of which are well worth a read :)

We also have a group weigh-in tomorrow and the thread will be posted by Lowcal before 6.30am. You can follow Zest for a notification of when she posts, or you'll find the latest thread in the events section to the right of the home page :)

As for your feet, I can sympathise! It's not much fun, is it?! :o

Looking forward to seeing much more of you and to following your progress.

All the very best to you :)


HI Angela,

Maybe the NHS 12 week plan is just what you need at this time, and if you like being part of a group, then do as moreless suggests and consider joining us for the Re-boot Challenge. Also the Monday group weigh-in would help you feel more accountable - as it's a place to discuss your progress and report your weight each week, and it's a supportive and motivating group.

Hopefully losing weight will help your feet - it should put less pressure on all joints in your body, so surely the feet would benefit. Makes sense doesn't it?

Wishing you a great week ahead, and hope you'll enjoy this community and good luck with your goals.

Lowcal :-)

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