Doing great till Friday

Well - was doing wonderful till Friday night - good friends round - I thought just have a little glass / got drunk !!!! late Indian etc etc etc - sat night feeling bad but thought not doing that again two lots of drop in friends lovely to see them - pop goes the cork !! Late night food order - pretty much everything I have avoided - planned not to do - planned food nights etc blitzed - so fed up with myself and got a sore head and feeling completely bloated - so we start again and try to forgive myself at least I worked in the garden sat and walked a long golf course Friday.


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  • Nothing wrong with having a good time with friends every now and again. I suppose it's hard to consider the "healthy" options when we just want to have fun and have a drink. Today is a new day and we just keep going. Drink plenty of water for the hangover!

  • I can totally relate to your post! It's a difficult balance, we all want to lose weight but also life is for living! Don't be too hard on yourself, maybe next time you could have a glass of water in between glasses of wine and have a smaller portion of the takeaway? If only I could practice what I preach lol! Pleased you had an enjoyable week end with friends. 😊

  • Hi Discovery1910,

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend, and the time with your friends. Like you say, it's a new day today, and hopefully your hang-over will soon be a thing of the past!!! Take care, and have a good day.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you for the replies - it must have been good I just had a text off an old friend I have not seen in years thanking me for my middle of the night "how are you me old mate " text - oh dear !! Glayva you stole my will power, my mobile phone and my memory lol

  • Hi I have had a similar experience this week but we are in it for the long haul and still want to live life :/ The weekend would have more impact on your weight goals if you hadn't been so on track all week. So pat on the back and aim for more successful choices most of the time. Good luck :)

  • Lol.....onwards & upwards !! Start foot forward.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • I will try but life just seems to just keep happening and at 52 I think It should be that way - thanks for the support - it's very helpful

  • I had a bad week last week, I quit my job, my mum was in hospital and i upset my youngest kid. Not looking forward to weigh in tomorrow because i have drank and ate alot. Might give it a miss and start over. Lol x

  • I Understand that - life brings its own challenges let alone the struggle to lose weight - I hope you can start again - same thing for me 7am weigh In tomorrow and had a heavy weekend (very) so I guess I will be happy with a little bit on and for the first week disappointing but I have tried in the week and have been ok today - good luck - I find this very helpful us all talking I see how we are all on the same treadmill and I really appreciate the help and support - here to bounce off of if needed

  • Thebodycoach guy who is very popular at the moment admits he likes to eat some not so healthy stuff too. I'm betting he doesn't drink like a fish tho. Haha ;) Basically none of us are perfect but at least we're trying to be healthier and happier! That means enjoying life too sometimes :)

  • You bet it does - hopefully the week ahead will be easier - good luck for this week to you and the weekend is not too full of great friends and popping corks but I guess they are the hazards lol

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