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Lovely summery dinner...not!

We always plan our dinners a week in advance so we know where we're at each day, have done this for quite a while even before starting weight loss

we even have a chalk board on the fridge that we write it but on. Its really come into its own recently as it stops the potential for catching something on the run and with me now calorie counting it makes planning the rest of my daily eatings a lot easier.

The main down fall of this though is that come the end of the week there's not much wriggle room for swapping the meals around to suit the weather which is why, tonight, we are going to sitting down to a lovely summery evening meal of.....stew and dumpling 😂😂😂

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HI ChelleUK,

Well, I hope you enjoy the unseasonal meal of Stew and Dumplings - I bet it will be very tasty!

Lowcal :-)

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LOL! I am sure it will be just as delicious while you smell next door's BBQ cooking!


I sort of plan, with stuff I have around, seems pretty variable, and try to plan for later eves getting home...............only cat and I so seems easy, always fruit and veg tho, whatever


I also have my meals planned out for the week i find this helps me keep on track also weighing my food helps this is my 5th day and i have seen a difference along with some exercise.


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