Iced Buns

I'm so pleased with myself today, I know it's only something very small but on Saturdays my husband always brings home some mouth watering iced buns from the bakery🍩🍰, I've usually eaten mine before he's through the door.

But today, I cut the bun into quarters, ate one quarter and gave the rest away, I tasted every little bit of my quarter and throughly enjoyed it.

Now I'm a sweet girl, I could probably eat the whole shop with my coffee, but I did feel very pleased with myself.

Let's hope this will power continues.☕️🍩🍰 xx


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16 Replies

  • Justifiably proud. Well done that is inspirational will power!!!!

  • Thank you Seuza,

    I have a lot of weight to lose, but I do feel so positive at the moment, I just hope this will power will help me through the coming months. Xx👍👍

  • Awesome! Every little victory makes you stronger! 😉x

  • Thank you Fab_Jem For some reason I don't know why I feel I can do this. I hope I'm talking to you in a months time with the same determination and willpower. xx

  • I'm on week 6 and am amazed at my own willpower! I don't feel deprived because I have a little of what I fancy and count it. A months time Amber and you'll have a whole new approach to food well under your belt...and that belt will be on a tighter notch! 😀x

  • Thanks Fab_Jem, week 6 well done. What keeps you on plan?

    Are you losing weight for a special occasion or for health reasons.


  • Long term health reasons are my motivation, that keeps me going, thinking about being slim and fit and having a nice choice of clothes. Being accountable here and self-belief is keeping me going. To be honest my willpower has really kicked in for it and it sounds like yours has too! I want thin more than cake lol, except when it's my birthday! 😄x

  • Very well done 😊 Each weight loss journey is a series of good decisions 😊

  • Thank you Anna61, I hope to continue making these good decisions, and if I should fall down one day which I'm sure will happen, proving to myself that one day doesn't have to turn into one bad week..xx

  • Now that is what I call self-control! You are definitely on your way now.....

  • Hi, I just kept thinking of you on that horse riding, I do so want that to be me one day, and if I have to lose weight and achieve that dream I will.🐴🐴xx

  • Well done you! Its an amazing feeling, isn't it?. I bet it tasted like the best bun EVER as you were really aware of each and every taste. I know when I'd not had chocolate for a week then treated myself to a small amount I ate it sooooooo slowly and really savoured the flavour. It was like I'd never eaten chocolate before!! Made me realise how I often I'd just cram food down my that without really tasting it. And also goes to show that you don't have to completely give everything up. Keep up the good work 😊

  • Hi ChelleUK, I couldn't agree with you more, sometimes I cram so much food down, I can't even remember what I've eaten.

    I find I eat most of my food when my husband goes to bed, no one saw me eat it, so I can't have done, how bad is that.

    One decision I have made is no more late night snacking. Xx

  • Hi Amber25,

    Wow, that's a really positive change, and it's great that you enjoyed your quarter iced bun - I find the same thing with chocolate - I always have 1 piece after an evening meal with some coffee and I really enjoy the flavour and taste of that single piece, and that's sufficient.

    You're doing brilliantly! Here's to your will-power remaining.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you for your comments and support it really means a lot, it's nice to know that so many people who I don't even know yet are rooting for me.


  • Kudos. I love it when I can put food in it's place!

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