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Got it but feel like I cheated!!!

So last week was my first week and I gained half (with exercise too!) so Into my second week and I caught a stomach bug from my little darling boy on sunday so was sick for a day then 'the other end' for a day so spent the third day not really eating, stress at work midweek started my appetite with avengence!! I couldn't stop eating, weighing out my meals but not the six chocolate bars, biscuits, crisps, sweets - no wine though, wanted to be 'good' (!) and got on the scales today and have lost 2.5lbs!! I know I was sick but I've eaten like an absolute pig for three days, not exercised either. Why is it that if I exercise and try, I gain, but fall spectacularly off the rails and lose ( I do know I had a bug to start but really?!) It has also confirmed I am a major emotional eater, I eat if I'm bored, sad, happy, stressed just being awake really!!!! I better rein myself in for next week though not got a clue how!!!

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Hi Lakes25,

I am sorry to hear you had a sickness bug last week, and I hope you feel better now. It sounds like you've learned a few things this week - and you mentioned being an emotional eater.

I would recommend having some structure and therefore would suggest having a look at the NhS 12 week plan - maybe you're already doing that, but if not, do have a look, as it would give you lots of helpful information to help you learn some good habits and would encourage healthy balanced eating in order to lose weight.

Maybe join one of the Challenges that are highlighted in the Pinned posts area. Have you seen our Welcome Newbie post yet? If not, I'd recommend a read - as it's full of really helpful information.

Anyway, good luck! I really hope you feel a lot better this week.

Congratulations on losing 2.25 pounds, although I do suspect that is partly due to your illness. Hopefully next week will be a good one for you.

Lowcal :-)

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I think the weight loss is likely to be water. When you have a tummy bug you can lose a tremendous amount of water. It's amazing how much the body contains. I had a terrible bout of campylobacter a couple of years ago and lost nearly a stone in a week! This was the only time in my life I was actually quite pleased to get on the scales afterwards and find I was putting weight back on, as that sort of loss was a bit frightening.

It's worth trying to maintain the 2.5 llbs off, as it's a psychological bonus after having a nasty tummy bug, but you might find it comes back on as your body adjusts its fluid balance. But the point is that weight loss through fluid is neither here nor there in the wider scheme of things. It's fat loss that counts to improve our health, and that you only get at a rate of a pound or two a week for the most part.

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Thank you for your reply that makes a lot of sense 😊 I will keep up with the exercise this week and tight calorie count but I know I will be disappointed next week when I see a gain which I deem inevitable 😕


Think positively!! If your anything like me excepting a gain will give you free reign to over indulge!!

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