For me at the moment, I feel motivated when I read all the posts. It really helps. Some of course are more relevant than others, but we all basically want to 'shed' weight. I often feel really inspired and take some tips away with me. For me I don't calorie count at all....Because food becomes your main thought all day and I don't want that to be the case.


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  • So do you limit the types of foods you eat? I think I will always have to measure my oils with a teaspoon. It is so easy to double my portion just by pouring a little generously.

  • Hi Miamia,

    Interesting that you commented that some of the posts are more relevant than others - I think they may all be relevant to some or more of us at some point, and what interests one of us may not be relevant/interesting to another - so I appreciate the range, and like you say, we all have the common goal of wanting to 'shed' weight. Although as time is going on, there are more people who have successfully shed their weight, and are currently maintaining. I'm so glad those people are sticking around to share their experiences and to try to ensure they remain successful in that stage.

    It's great that you're finding the forum helpful and feeling inspired and taking some tips away with you. I enjoyed your post about portions - very relevant indeed! I notice you don't count calories, and certainly there are other ways to enable portions to be 'measured' - how do you tend to do it? I know some people might use the measurements of their hands - e.g. a thumb size, palm of the hand size, 'handful' of, etc etc. I'm interested to hear what method you use to calculate your portion sizes.

    I hope you're enjoying the weekend so far.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Apologies, when I commented regarding some posts being more relevant than others, I was talking 'for me'....of course we can all take away points from's just we can relate to some more than others...but that's healthy.....

  • I don't calorie count either. If I do I feel as though I am on a diet and then feel deprived. I automatically cut down on portion sizes, have loads of vegetables and salad, and have cut out the obvious things like pastry, cakes, biscuits, alcohol, etc. (although to be honest I never ate much of these anyway). I allow myself a snack size chocolate bar in the evenings and if I fancy toast for breakfast I have 1.1/2 slices instead of 2 with half a mashed banana. Half a slice of bread doesn't sound like much but it all adds up and I don't feel hungry at all. If I have pasta or rice I just have a small portion and cook some veg to go with it, but I have the same sauce as my husband. I've lost 20lbs so far and haven't found it a chore although I appreciate this wouldn't work for everyone and we all have to find our own way. The main thing is we all get there in the end!

  • "The best diet is the one you don't know you're on" (Brian Wansink 'Mindless Eating')

    I count portions rather than individuals calories, like you say I get a bit obsessed 😊 But I do weigh things, more so in the beginning, but I'm getting better a judging, both portion size and my appetite 😊

    As long as it's working that's what matters! 😊 Onwards and downwards

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