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Hi everyone,

Hope you are ok and that life is good๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Last week lost a Ib, this week stayed the same after a really focused week, but you get this time to time !!

On Tuesday I decided to join Lowcal's re- boot gang and went back to the start of the NHS 12 week plan, I also pulled out my old food diaries( I throw nothing away!!).

I was really amazed to see the change in what I did eat when I first started the plan to now being an 'old timer'. The reality is my portions are not as controlled, I eat more processed carbs and struggle with getting my 5 a day !!. I also tend the same things !! How boring is that ! Lol

It's been really good reading through the first week and thinking of changes I can make to pep up meals and just do something different.

I'm really enjoying the activity challenges and my activity levels have really improved, just need the food to follow !!

Have a lovely weekend, I'm off to a friends 50 party tomorrow night so already planning my strategies !! Lol



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9 Replies

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  • HI Flossie358,

    Yes, 're-booting' is amazing isn't it. I have found the same thing in terms of realising how you can take things for granted as an 'old timer' - and feel you're tracking things when infact you're not necessarily sticking to things, and I will be posting the 'Reflection Post' for Week 1 on Tuesday 17th May 2016, and I am excited to share my experiences of it then.

    It's really fantastic to hear you're doing so well and great that you're on board with us.

    Lowcal :-)

    p.s. Wishing you a great evening at your friend's 50th!

  • Thanks Lowcal,

    Catch you on Monday


  • I suppose it is easy to slip back into old ways, your post really made me think, I am new to all this and just been writing everything down on the back of the weekly tracker, but you have inspired me to keep a proper diary. Will be really useful for recipes too so I don't have to calculate things from scratch all the time. Have a great time at the party!

  • Hi Caz,

    I use a page a day diary and put recipes at the back and I keep a list of calorie values in food I use. Hope you find it helpful๐Ÿ˜ƒ


  • What a good idea, many thanks. Xx

  • Good for you Flossie! I didn't actually sign up - still have probs getting threads to load sometimes :/ - but I have rebooted and really hoping it will have made a difference on Monday.. :)

  • I'm sure it will !


  • Good luck Flossie! Sure you will do it, perfect time of year for fruit and salads to brighten up your mealtimes ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thanks Anna,


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