Losing Weight with Herbal Tea

Has anyone tried the Herbalife instant herbal beverage, i read about it on facebook where some have said they are losing weight and have more energy. I had someone copy the label for me and it has 85mg of caffeine in each glass, it says to dink one or two a day. I am interested if anyone has tried it and what results they have had. Many thanks


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3 Replies

  • I have not tried Herbalife however heard a lot about herbal drinks/Tea scams claiming to help lose weight. My opinion is : don't waste your money unless you like the flavour and enjoy drinking it like a normal beverage. I think cutting out sugar, alcohol, reducing carbs a bit and eating more veggies will be more helpful.

  • It looks like a very expensive drink. It's got the same amount of caffeine as most coffee drinks. Why not try some ordinary green tea?

  • I haven't hear about it but read on BBC food (5 things to swap) and it says to swap coffee with a matcha latte. unfortunately matcha powder is quite expensive but I bought myself some teabags which is a matcha mint tea and try to drink that in the afternoon instead of my mocha. not sure if it helps with weight loss yet. I will keep track ;)

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