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Just can't eat everything we want I guess

Hello and hope you are having a sunny time if you are in UK.

I've got about four stone to lose and its not easy, there's just so much temptation of lovely things to eat for pudding, elevenses, evening supper, piece of cake with a cup of tea, second breakfast and all that, then another cause its just so great. But its pretty straightforward really, simple, just can't have everything I want. I'm not sure how long this attitude will last. I'm hoping it will last a year at least. I'm told it takes a year of behaving for your body to stick with the new way of doing things.

Well I hope it lasts, I hope it lasts at least a month!

Here's a tip, go into M&S like I did today and try things on. The mirrors show you exactly what you are trying to cure in full three way glory. All this happy-to-be-fat malarkey is [expletive deleted]. I didn't buy any clothes but it made me get out of the food hall buying a low fat curry and no pudding - so I got something out of the visit.

So first time on this for me, I feel its like alcoholics anonymous ...Hello, my name is J, and I am addicted to food (not alchohol, fortunately).

I have an addictive personality....and I would like to be addicted to something that's good for me.

Bye for now x

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HI Jay_64,

Welcome to the forum, and here's a link to our Welcome Newbie post:


Hope you'll join in with anything that you like the look of, and wishing you a great week.

Lowcal :-)


Hi J. I know what you mean about the M&S mirrors - that was the trigger for me too! They really do make people not look good!!!

I am on the 12 week nhs plan and realise that you can still eat lovely food, but it's good to be aware of the calories and increase the exercise. Things taste even nicer now that I'm eating a bit less and making better choices.

I used to love having a cappuccino with a raspberry and white choc muffin (but it came to over 500 cals!) which was more than a third of a day's allowance! I've now discovered lower calorie options (i.e. low cal jelly is just 10 calories, slice of bran cake is just 100 cals).

Anyway just wanted to say good luck to you and I hope you enjoy the healthy eating and getting fit. It feels good to take back the control...



Yes, you are right, we do have a choice and I choose slimmer and healthier 😊 It's not easy and it's a tough choice but we simply can't eat everything we would like all the time 😕 it's important to have some treats now and again, just less often! Good luck, love the attitude 😊


Hi Jay - and welcome, it sounds like you have the right attitude - those dressing room mirrors have a lot to answer for!

I stopped eating sugar just before I began the programme and that helped me with those sugar-cravings and my taste buds have become a lot more sensitive to the sweetness in other things now.

I now punctuate my meals with a piece of fruit and allow myself a non-sugary sweet treat in the evening, like a Nakd bar (which are delicious).


Jay you have a good sense of humour. That will stand to you. One thing I found helpful in the early days was weighing portions on a highly accurate scales. The bread, then reset and weigh it with the butter. For a week or two I did it for every meal and had my calculator at the ready. It was an eye opener for me, because some of the foods I loved were very high calorie although I thought them healthy, nuts for example. The NHS has a calorie counter that I've found very helpful.

Good luck. You'll get there :-)


You have the right attitude, but the good news is that you probably can eat anything you like. The trick is to identify those favourites that do you more harm than good and then eat them only in very small portions as infrequent treats. That way you don't feel deprived because you know that that cravings can be satisfied now and then and you feel good about yourself because you are in control.

Keeping your mind occupied can help wean you off snacks and treats. A hot or cold drink (non-sugary of course) is a good substitute for a snack. If you eat the right kind of fresh real food you will not feel hungry between meals anyway and won't need to count calories.

The important thing is to persevere, to constantly notice what works for you and what doesn't. You should see an improvement within weeks once you have found the right combination for you. The Low Carb program from diabetes.co.uk is full of sensible advice.

Don't forget to keep your doctor informed, because they will probably need to reduce any medication as you improve. My own doctors were sceptical about low carb diets at first, but discharged me from the diabetes clinic when I had normalised my blood glucose levels after losing five stone in weight.


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