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Nike Training App

Hey everyone! 

I just want to talk about the Nike Training App. Oh my word!! I LOVE this app! Honestly, it's helped me sooo much! I've lost a little over 20kgs now and I've probably hit an actual gym about three times in the time that it took me to lose the weight. The rest of the time, I've been using the app. The workouts are so intense and they really work you out the way your body needs to be worked out. They actually made me realise that you don't need fancy, expensive machines to work out. You're probably better without them. You really just need your own body. Some of the workouts require weights and a medicine ball etc which I substitute with what I can find around the house.

If my post ends up motivating you to get the app, don't let the difficulty of the workouts get you down. I've never finished the workouts in the time that they say it should take cos I take plenty of breaks. By the time I'm done, I'm always huffing and puffing and sweating like a dog. On most days, it feels like the first time I'm doing any of the workouts. It really is like having a personal trainer in an app. I look forward to losing more weight in months to come.

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It sounds great - and well done on your weight loss, that is fantastic!


Thank you so much! It hasn't been easy but I'm glad I did it


Thank you for the recommendation 😊 And great weight loss, well done !! 😊

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Thank you! =D


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