Following Weight Watchers and using MFP too. Lost over three stone but sticking. Cannot get my weight below 178lbs and I've three stone to go. 

Following health routine eating and exercise. Don't drink, don't smoke. Drink 1000 ml water a day. Average step is over 10,000. 62 years old and fed up. Effort not showing any reward at the minute been like this for three weeks. 


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  • Hi Statue4,

    I'm rushing a bit now, as I need to go out, but I just wanted to suggest that you could put the word 'plateau' in the search window (top right-hand-side - and it's labelled 'Search Weight Loss NHS' and then you'll see various previous threads on this very subject, and hopefully some responses there might be helpful to you.

    Good luck,

    Lowcal :-)

    p.s.  Congratulations on your weight loss to date, you've done really well. 

  • change things up a little, maybe your body is fed up with what you are eating, change your meals around, change your menus. I found this helped me 3 years ago when i was 60. And hey so well done so far. good luck

  • Maybe you need a mix up- the mind and the body need a change??   I was looking at june65 post in week and in particular Venus fly traps reply on the blood sugur diet- think I might try .the less extreme version .... Take a look - seems to follow low gi principles .

    Don't lose heart you have done so well - look to a new strategy:-)

  • I know the feeling - I've had a super long plateau too. There are a few suggestions: 1) mix up the number of calories you eat each day, say 1200 one day, 1600 the next? 2) Change the type of foods you eat. 3) Mix your exercise up - so if you're a regular swimmer for example, perhaps try cycling for a few weeks instead? 4) Check that your calorie intake (if that's how you're tracking your weight) hasn't increased - you might be eating a bit more than you realised (I think this one relates to me!) 

    I'm following Zest  and suzybenj 's idea of a reboot this week in hope it might be enough to push past the plateau.

    And think about what you've already lost - three stone is a massive achievement! :-)

    (PS perhaps don't do all these suggestions at once!)

  • Not calories, I'm obsessive and record everything I eat or drink. 

    But I'll try increasing them and see if that makes a difference. 

  • Hi Statue4,

    The 're-boot' challenge that Lexi_1812 is referring to is here:

    So do join in with that as well if you'd like to!

    Lowcal :-)

    p.s. I've also just replied to you in the Monday group weigh-in thread, and it's great that you'll be joining in with that as well.

  • One or two weeks each month increase your natural fat intake a little (not so much that you regain weight) to stop your body thinking that there is a sparsity of available food that causes the body to conserve energy, leading to a weight loss plateau.

    When you're ready to re-start your weight loss, reassess your nutrient needs. Less bodyweight means you're having to work less hard to move around for instance (or even at rest), so you aren't burning as much energy.

  • Thank you, interesting. Myfitness Pal gives me a daily breakdown of nutrients. The fat thing makes sense as I eat little fat as I'm following weight watchers, I'm on 1200 calories a day, which is no hardship, maybe I need to up it a little. Trouble with me is that if it says 1200 I'll be under it, not much, but I never go over. Same for Weught Watcher points, I don't exceed my daily allowance. Psychologically that's the problem. Never been one for cheating myself, once I've made up my mind to do something I do it, o disappointed with the slowing of the weight loss when I'm doing as much as I can without being silly. I've a disability which impairs my ability to walk but I will exceed 10000 steps a day because that is the goal. I need specifics.

    I love the menu plans that go with this site, so I think I have quite a varied diet which I mix up over a two week period.

    What ever. Keep on going, 600 calories intake less than output has to trigger a weight loss so I'm lead to believe, I can have significantly bigger differentials but still no loss.

    Now trying the green tea instead of coffee😂 As you do.

    My worry is that it's not the food but the exercise side that will need stepping up and I'm afraid with an average of 75,000 steps a week, gardening, housework and looking after two under 5's, I'm kept pretty active and at 62 doing as much as I'm prepared to. I have a bike and come the good weather, will be taking 5am runs twice a week when the roads are quiet.

  • The rationale behind the natural fat is not only because people tend to cut back on fat on a calorie controlled diet, but that it replaces the body fat (as a proportion of your eating plan) that you've been burning, or attempting to ;-).

    We need about 4% of energy from Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) with the remainder of body fat being almost 60:40 mono-unsaturated and saturated fat. With the ingested natural fat we also get the fat soluble vitamins and minerals we need; another reason not to lower natural fat intake too much.

  • Can't remember the last time I actually ate fat, and as a kid that grew up on dripping and bread, you'd think I'd miss is. So would you advise eating bacon? Steak? Pork? Or what?

  • I wouldn't go for cured/processed meats too often. The meat fats closest to our own composition are grass fed lamb and beef.

    Variety is good, with eggs, cheese, soft/cream cheese, double cream, whole-milk, coconut, avocado, crackling, nuts, olive oil, butter, duck/goose fat and oily fish all potential sources.

  • So steak is back on the menu, liver and onions, lamb chops and pork loin. Once a week, not daily.

  • I only eat lean meat, chicken, ham and fish.

  • Lean protein isn't healthy; it's the fastest way to deplete liver of fat soluble vitamins.

  • I had my gall bladder removed 4 years ago, I don't process fats too well and was advised to reduce fat in my diet which, being good I do. Anything with a high fat content goes straight through me, bowel doesn't handle it well and I'm wheat intolerant so eat no breads, cakes, etc.

  • I'm sorry to hear that.

  • Well that's come as a shock as I will have ham or chicken at least 4 days out of 7. I have salmon, pilchards, white fish, shell fish, eggs, don't each cheese, don't like it, never have. I do eat nuts as a source of oils and fats.

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