Quietly confident

Coming up to my 55th birthday next week and I am starting to feel quietly confident of achieving permanent weight loss 😊

Two major hurdles I have overcome in the last year are, firstly, I have conquered my sweet tooth, especially the mid afternoon sugar lows and sweet cravings. By eating low gi carbohydrates throughout the day and stopping all 'diet' drinks which were affecting my taste buds I no longer feel the need to snack or eat sugary foods. The second big hurdle was simply over-eating, I love food and get very hungry, but can now judge portions much more accurately and aim to eat less at all times. I can also go to a buffet and correctly judge how much food to put on my plate, if I get full I LEAVE FOOD ON MY PLATE. Massive break through 😊 

What has helped is getting my head in the right place, I have read everything there is to read about weight loss, weight management and the psychology of over-eating or "mindless eating". Personal favourite is the foodforfitness.co.uk blog and podcasts. Research is key. Having been overweight since I was a child I now feel I am finally gaining some control 😊

Thank you everyone who has supported and offered advice and friendship on this forum 😊 If you are just starting out have faith in yourself! You can do it 😊

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  • Hi Anna,

    Wow, your Birthday is next week, that's exciting!!! Β I am currently procrastinating doing some work, but need to get on with something, so I am being brief in my reply to you just now, but I have read your post and think it's great that you're making such good progress, and the changes you have made are really good. Β 

    I am also a fan of Anita Bean - Β I think her knowledge is excellent, and evidence based, and for people who don't know her, she's a registered nutritionist in Sports and Exercise. Β 

    Anyway, I must get on with Β some work now, but I just noticed your post, and was compelled to comment.

    Hope you have a really good day!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Anna - I do think part of your post is unfinished though as it seems to be cut off - as you said "Having been overweight since I was a child I now feel I am finally" and then there's no more to that paragraph...

  • Oops! Will edit thanks 😊

  • What a lovely post from the front line. Β I was going through your achievements and ticking my matching ones off in my head. Β Then I got to "I leave food on my plate." Β That early training is still in my head very firmly. Β But I have finally learned to leave food on other people's plates! Β Sometimes the steps get to be very tiny. Β 

    Great to hear that you are achieving another of those lifetime achievements by your birthday. Β What a lovely birthday present to give yourself. Β Have a lovely day. Β 

  • Well done to you too 😊 It's great to achieve these things 😊 And you're right, it's a series of small steps that gets us there 😊 Thank ypu

  • Fantastic achievements Anna, both physically and psychologically. Hope it inspires many who are starting out or struggling. 😊

  • Thank you 😊 I hope to be a maintainer like you one day 😊

  • Hurry up then Anna, in case I don't hold out very Β long ( only kidding) !

  • I need maintainers like you to keep strong and give me hope that's it is actually possible! 😊😊😊

  • What a great gift to yourself well done to you πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Thank you 😊

  • What an inspiring testimony. Well done and thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you 😊 Glad you found it inspiring, I have amazed myself and if I can do it, anyone can! 😊

  • Hi Anna, what a fantastic post! You've done so....... well!Β 

    To be able to say you've beaten your sweet tooth and cravings! That's amazing! You have definitely gone about it the right way - research is definitely key, but as you say - you do need to be in the right mindset!Β 

    I seem to have small blips in my mindset but I'm much better than i have been in the past, and I can leave food on my plate now when I've had sufficient! I won't say ' full ' because I haven't been full for months now 😁

    I hope you have a lovely birthday next week! πŸ’πŸŽπŸŽ‰ Β 

  • Thank you Jesterpuss, it has been a long journey but I do try to focus on the process 😊 And yes, we all have good and bad days, it's getting back on track that gets easier each time 😊

  • You've done great Anna! You must be really proud of yourself! πŸ˜‰

  • By the time you get to your maintenance weight, you will be ready and able to write your own book or blog on this subject?Β  Love your determination!

  • Haha, still a long way from maintenance, but am inspired by people like your lovely mum 😊 Thank you 😊

  • Hurrah! What encouragement and inspiration! I hope I can say the same as you about sugar one day. My next project may be research weight loss!

  • Thank you Jem 😊 Β  There is Lots written about sugar, it's a very pernicious food stuff πŸ˜• It took quite a while and I still struggle sometimes, but well worth it 😊 Good luck!

  • I have a book somewhere on quitting sugar poison, will dig that out for starters! Hope you have a very happy birthday Anna! Its Mr Jem's birthday next week too but our trip to Spain is not until September! I really do hope you enjoy your celebrations πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸ˜€x

  • Thank you 😊

  • Thank you everyone 😊 I will be in Spain for my birthday, visiting my very glamorous older sister 😊 πŸ’•πŸ‘™β˜€οΈ I still have weight to lose but am starting to believe I will actually get there 😊 😊😊

  • Fantastic Anna. Brilliant to hear how you have overcome the hurdles and have control over your eating. Very inspirational. Β I wish you a very Happy Birthday for next week. :)

  • Thank you 😊 I'm not complacent, still have to keep my eye on the ball 😊 

  • I think a lot of what you said is true for me too. Like you I used to over eat and mindless eat and it is hard to change those habits over night. But so glad to hear that it is possible to change and I know that once I lose my weight I am going to have to keep a close eye on myself too. i am sure now you have made the changes and regained control you will maintain your weight just fine.:)

  • Not at goal yet, just feeling very different this time, longest I have ever stuck to a plan, 😊 Still need to lose another stone, maybe two . . . But not stressing about timescales, just happy to be enjoying life, enjoying my food, and still losing weight slowly and steadily 😊😊😊 it's inspiring to hear of successful maintainers on this forum 😊

  • Well with your positive attitude I am sure you will be successful in reaching your goal. You can do it! Β :)

  • Thank you 😊 You too 😊

  • That's fantastic ! You are truly reformed !

  • So very well done Anna.We learn everyday.I love your posts and find them very inspirational.We are learning from each other.I hope you have a wonderful time with your sister.

  • What a lovely inspiring read, I'm addicted to Diet Coke and I'm desperately trying to give this up and just have the occasional one. How long did it take you to get over your sugar cravings, ? did you give up all sweet foods all at once or did you gradually cut back. Very well done to you, you do sound so in control now. Have a good weekend. πŸ€—πŸ€—xx

  • Thank you 😊

    Amber25 , with regards to sweet cravings, was a gradual change, initially saving my sweet treat until about 9 at night, 😊previously my danger point was about 4-5 pm, I would get sweet cravings mid afternoon due to not eating enough earlier in the day, I got very tired and could hardly wait for dinner πŸ˜• If it was delayed I would seriously over eat πŸ˜•

    Each of the little steps we take get us nearer to our goal 😊

    I now eat a decent breakfast (porrige, or banana, dried fruit and some almonds if I'm rushing out) and a substantial lunch, toast and egg or soup and a sandwich followed by fruit. Eating carbs earlier in the day has really helped my sweet tooth. 😊 I normally have a lighter evening meal, often vegetarian.

    Over time I have dropped the evening eating almost completely, everybody is different, but I'm convinced stopping Diet Coke has helped with the evening sweet cravings 😊 I now drink fizzy water or for a treat at weekends g&t before dinner and just tonic after, 😊

    Good luck on your weight loss journey 😊

  • Thank you Anna61 for your tips and advice.

    I was really interested in your comment about Diet Coke.

    I think I can honestly say I'm addicted to the drink, I always had to make sure I had a crate in stock, I could easily drink 3-4 cans a day.

    But since I started on my diet 4 weeks ago, I have only been having one a day if that, I had sleepless nights and terrible headaches in the beginning, but that has now started to fade away. I have started drinking still water 3-4 bottles a day, I feel brighter in myself, my skin has improved.

    I still enjoy the occasional can, but I now feel I don't need or crave it, so I'm really pleased with that.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  • That's amazing! Very well done 😊 and glad you can see an improvement 😊 Good luck and very best wishes 😊

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