Start of Week 32 … New phone, new App

As many of you will know I have been hovering around a certain weight now for several weeks.  Whilst I am not too bothered because I am sticking to my new life style I am still a few pounds from my ideal weight range.  I just want to lose a few more pounds to get into that ideal zone, and then a few more pounds to hit the target I set out to hit 32 weeks ago.  I know the weight is not the main aim of the process, but still I do want to hit a certain weight.

Anyway last week I decided to give my eating and health a boost.  A few of us probably have got into the routine of eating less and less, which starves your body, which slows your metabolism, which makes it harder for your body to lose weight.  I suddenly realised I had gotten into that cycle.

So I downloaded an App, which is available to use on-line too! I carry it around with me on my new phone … my contract was up on my old phone, I have not won the lottery or anything like that!  The App I downloaded is called “myfitnesspal”.  It is free and came with plenty of recommendations.  Being a Yorkshireman by birth I do not like to part with money; it is in my genes and my wallet stays in my jeans!

It is really easy to use and you can enter exercise as well as food consumed, so hopefully my target will be met in 10 weeks it reckons.  In five weeks it reckons I will be well and truly in my ideal zone.

Whatever floats your boat?

Have a great week.

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  • Hi Johnny-one,

    This is an inspiring post, and I'd like to wish you success with your goals, and in using Myfitnesspal.  I also use that to help me to keep track of my food and drink intake, plus exercise, and I do like it.  Especially the graphs you can produce on it.  

    Wishing you a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Yes, I LURRRVE! the graphs!  However I have hit a plateau; which is why I'm hoping the 12 week 'kick up the bum' oh, Re-Boot, Challenge; might, well, get things moving again!  I have realised that I have actually stopped logging foods; which is a bit silly, so, I should go off and log food now.  Have a good week everyone

  • It's a great app.  I've gotten a bit obsessed with it. I log all my food and cycle to work and use an app called strava to automatically log my rides. This then talks to my fitnesspal and allows any extra calories I've burnt on my rides. I also wear a fitbit and all my calories are adjusted. 

    I know it sounds mental but like you say whatever floats your boat. 

  • I love myfitnesspal. I literally feel like I couldn't lose weight without it. It's so easy to use and definitely keeps me on track 😀

  • I tend to a daily add up, not too bothered currently as maintaining and dealing with grief

  • Grief is very difficult Diana 😞 Hope you ok x

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