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I'm 59, 5'4" and want to lose 21lb on week 4 of NHS 12week plan

Week 1 - 11st 4lb - lost 4lb

Week 2 - 11st 3.5lb  - lost 0.5lb

Week 3 - 11st 3.5lb - sts

I've been weighing everything, having at least 4 of my 5 a day, walking every day and sticking to 1400 calories.

Yesterday, I thought right! let's get this weight loss going,  sorted out my wardrobes, did the housework, went on 2 walks totalling 3.5 miles, had 30g cereal for breakfast 166 calories, egg salad with 1 slice read and fruit for lunch 350 calories, fish, pots, mixed veg and parsley sauce for tea 498 calories, banana and small scoop ice cream 147 calories, slice bran and banana cake mid afternoon snack 136 calories, 2 Bacardi and Diet Coke for nightcap 126 calories, total 1423. Drank several glasses of water through the day, the sun was shining and I felt energised and motivated.

Got on the scales this morning - 1lb heavier!! , how is that even possible?! 

Fed up.com!

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Hi Caz28,

I am sorry to hear you're feeling 'fed-up.com' but I would like to suggest that there could be numerous reasons you gained 1 pound this morning.  You had an active day yesterday, so maybe your 3.5 mile walk had caused a bit of water retention around your muscles etc as they try to heal themselves from the exercise - there's probably a more technical or savvy way to say that, but I don't know how to express it - also maybe a meal was a bit more salty or you might be slightly hormonal - all those things can cause a gain.  

Secondly regarding your stats, I took the liberty of looking up your recommended calorie ranges on the BMI calculator on NHS Choices 12 week plan website, and depending on your activity levels it gave you the following ranges:

Inactive: 1363 - 1753

Low activity: 1451 - 1865

Moderate activity: 1587 - 2040

I'm not sure which category of activity you feel you fit into, but you sound quite active from your walking - but do check out the criteria for those activity ranges if you've not already done so - that would be my suggestion. 

Also, I think personally that you've made excellent progress as you've effectively lost an average of 1.5 pound per week - which is really excellent, so please don't be disheartened, you are doing really well...!  

Hope you feel better about things, and keep focused on your goals.  Sometimes the weight does fluctuate - but it's the overall trend that counts.  See what your weight is at Monday's weigh-in, rather than worrying about the daily fluctuations - that would be my suggestion.

Hope this reply is helpful.

Lowcal :-)


thank you so much Lowcal for taking the time to reply so comprehensively! I think I am between low and moderate activity, depending on the day.  I have had some health issues which have messed with my hormone levels but have had treatment and most are resolved, I just still have vitamin D ( which as you probably know is a hormone not a vitamin) deficiency but am starting treatment for that. I appreciate your encouragement and won't give in!

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Please don't despair, my weight losses are like that you, slight loss, staying same, then finally a bigger loss, then small gain etc etc  😕 But overall down, it could be fluid, or hormones or any number of things. 😊 Better luck at the scales next week 

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My reply might not be popular, but I'd suggest you cut your caories down to 1200 a day. It's tough, but not impossible, and it should get the weight going off at around 1-2lbs a week, if you keep up the activity levels.


thanks, will give that a try if I continue to stick!



Isn't the body a wonderful piece of kit, everyone fluxuates daily, don't let it get to you, put your scales away until weigh in day, mine gather dust, until Monday, if you weighed yourself daily at 9.30 every day there would be a change, don't beat yourself up, keep going, and don't forget all the exercise is turning fat into muscle, it will all work out for the good, come on smile, you are doing just great,

I'm only on my second week, I only lost 1lb last week, and I know I'm on the right way.

Keep going we will get there.

This is not meant to upset or hurt you, just trying to help, in my old fashioned way


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