Mid life !!!

Mid life !!!

HELP N BACK UP. . .needed to get healthy and in shape, not over weight but I couldn't run the length of myself if I tried. Rotten habits include...eating out rather than cook..all day snacking.....late nite snacking...n everything has to have cheese n a ton of salt on it : ( Recently quit smoking so the snackings really out of order at the minute and starting to show all over. Any advice n tips seriously welcome! N good luck to everyone making new changes through this site : ) IW


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  • You sound rather like a member of my family, who loves her cheese, crisps and cola.  She only managed to get on top of these addictive habits by taking up cycling - she has lost a couple of stone without dieting; she is spending less time at home where the food is, and more time outside pedalling.

    The snacking (like the smoking) is a form of comfort, and needs to be replaced with something to divert you from food when you are not actually hungry.  Investigate new activities or hobbies perhaps?  Even chatting on here can keep you occupied, accompanied by a mug of fruit tea!

  • Thank you DD I'll start on those suggestions tomorrow n keep u posted : ) 

  • Hi Indianwhispers,

    Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum.  Here are a couple of links you might find helpful:



    The first is the Welcome Newbie thread, and the second is our Monday group weigh-in thread, which is running today.

    Please do join in with anything that takes your interest, and we have some Pinned posts too - top right-hand-side of the homepage.

    Have a great week, and good luck with your goals.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Planning and logging food for the day on the myfitnesspal ap helps. Work out out how many calories you can eat and plan healthy snacks in to prevent cravings. Exercising will power and being aware of the nutritional value of the food helps!  Good luck... X  

  • Thanx Seuzan cupboards n fridge gutted n filled with loads of healthy options now,the my fitness pal app is fab thanx again. Hope everyone's still on course x

  • Hi, have you considered learning to run? There's a forum on here called couch to 5k, that's where I started my journey. You start gradually and the theory is after 9 weeks you can run. Also it's a bit addictive so a good thing to do instead of smoking? Re cheese - check the healthy eating plate guidelines etc. It might be good to get a reality check on just how much you're overdoing the dairy, so you know what you need to cut down on. Good luck :)

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