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Hols on Saturday - please help!


I am going on an all inclusive holiday with my husband on Saturday. I am 1.5lb away from 3 stone loss which (although I'd like it to be more) I am fairly pleased with and hope to get to 3 stone by Saturday.

I need to find a balance so I have a great holiday but gain no weight. I have a little plan to be more active and make better choices at meal times. 

 If anyone has any top tips, please share them. I find the help and support really helpful.

Thank you :)

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I am sure that the caterers/hotel staff would be only too happy to help you if you speak to them on arrival, perhaps by serving you on a smaller plate, or serving sauces/dressings separately, that way can enjoy the same as everyone else, just less of it.   Good luck, and enjoy your holiday.

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It will all be buffet style so I'll head for the veggies.


I felt exactly like you but still managed a small loss. Portion control, only eating when hungry, and sensible drinking were what worked for me. Buffets are especially challenging, 😕 But I'm sure you will have picked up lots of good habits on your weight loss journey, and be much more aware of calorie content. Enjoy your holiday, and your food, just be mindful! 😊 Have a lovely time 😊👙☀️

Hi. I have a plan firmly in my mind now for helping not to gain during holiday and if I over indulge I will make sure I do lots of extra exercise. There is a gym at the hotel which on other holidays before I started my new eating and exercise ways I thought was a bit sad but I find myself being really comforted by the fact that it is there should I need it.


Having already lost 3 stone (well done!) you already know what the healthy choices are, when the meal is buffet style I'm sure you'll be fine, when ordering go for plenty of veg and salad, but above all, enjoy your holiday!

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Thanks. I will try real hard not to gain but not at the expense of ruining my holiday.

I am not a good role model - we had paid quite a few grand to celebrate my 50th all inclusive in the Caribbean -Sandals I was only 1.5 stone in, I put on half a stone in 2 weeks, but just came back and got back straight to it, I have to confess it was probably due to too many cocktails........ Enjoy yourself you I am sure will have imbedded some good habits xx

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Hi. Sorry to hear of your gain when you've done so well. I bet you had a great holiday though ;) and with a bit of work it will soon be gone.

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That was way back in March 2013😜 Have been at goal or there abouts since sept 13, my message is don't worry about your hols enjoy as long as you get straight back on it👊🏾

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Try and be active when you have the opportunity; swimming, walking up hills, stairs etc.  Eat small portions (go halves with husband)? and avoid rich sauces.  Take care with alcohol - drink spritzers?  Who needs a hangover anyway....!

Hi. Thanks. If laughing burns calories you have really helped. My husband and sharing food is the same sentence is very amusing as he is a massive piggy. Haha :)

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Harobed,

I just wanted to wish you a wonderful holiday - I can see you've had some great suggestions on how to cope, and I hope you really enjoy yourself.  I always try to stay active on holidays, and also choose healthy choices wherever possible.  Tomato based sauces, fresh fish dishes, sensible portions and trying to have balanced healthy meals and snacks.  Your plan to be more active and make better choices at meal times sounds excellent, so good luck!!!

Lowcal :-)

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Hi. Thanks very much.I have been analysing what I can do today and have a plan so I think I can go away and enjoy myself having hopefully worked everything out in advance.

First of all ,,,,,well done ,🤗 Brilliant ,,,,give yourself a pat on the back ,

The advise I would offer is ,,,,enjoy ,,,,have a good holiday you've worked soooo hard just treat yourself without over doing it ,,,,I would say ,,,

Lots of fruit and water ,,,and don't waste your calories on alcohol ,,,,enjoy ,🍹👏👙👗💍🕶🌵🌺🌞🍎🍐🍓🍇🍉🍒🍍🏄🏊🏾✈️⛵️🚢💯

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Hi. Thank you. I'll have couple of glasses of wine in evening only and make sure my plate has mostly veg on.

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Hi. Thank you. I do drink when I'm on holiday but will keep it down to a minimum and I will get plenty of exercise which will hopefully allow me to eat a reasonably amount without gaining. I always think a gain of a couple of lb is the sign of a good holiday but I don't want to gain if I can help it.

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