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In need of a little motivation

Hi everyone,

I have been following the forum for a while but haven't posted yet, but I felt it was time as I need a bit of support. 

I have always been overweight and have been through a few diets (weightwatchers, atkins, slimming world) all of which have worked for a bit but then everything comes back on when I try a live a 'normal' life. 

I have an underactive thyroid too, which is being controlled and I believe is at the right level now, and I know I always need to be much more careful than most with what I eat, but things are getting tricky. 

I have been fit and healthy for a long time, have done the couch to 5k and did my first 10k last September, all still overweight but heading in the right direction, but now I have hit a wall. In January I tore a disc in my back and I am barely able to move so exercise is now down to a bit of a walk when I can manage it. 

I have been really watching what I eat and I just can't seem to shift any pounds at all, and while I wouldn't worry so much about this in the short term, I am getting married in October and I need to get the weight off for my big day. 

I would love to hear if anyone has any helpful tips or suggestions as I really need to know I can do this. 

Finally - I am slightly dissdisillusioned with the MFP calorie counter, as I really don't know which one to believe. Today for example 1 had a medium apple (80 calories) with breakfast and 2 oranges (137 calories) as a snack. 217 calories for being healthy, whereas a large glass of lovely Pinot Grigio would only be 190 calories.  Surely that can't be right. 

Anyway - thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you all. 


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I'm right with you on the mixed messages when it comes to food and drink!  All those "diet" products that are low in fat but high in sugar that the body then turns to fat the minute it hits your stomach- I don't get it!

I am sort of the opinion if it looks like it's come off a plant, or walked fairly recently then in moderation all is good.  Anything else is subject to scrutiny (with the exception of wine where I take the viewpoint if it was good enough for Jesus...)

100 calories of apple has to be better than 100 calories of "slimming fruit pot"


I totally agree - I don't eat diet products but I do feel like I am going crazy having to double check every little thing before I eat it. 

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You sound like me, I eat healthy so why isn't the weight shifting? I thought I knew everything about weight loss but when I actually went back to basics and weighed everything I was just eating a little bit too much. All the time. I personally don't count individual calories but portions, I find it easier, (if you are interested it is similar to the British heart foundation plan) but still weigh everything or else it's very easy to go over, for example a 'slice' of bread can vary between 75 -110 calories. 😕

You have been doing very well so you know you can do this, everyone has blips and off days, try to get out of the 'diet' frame of mind, think more of food as fuel and lifelong health 😊

Your back problems are a temporary set back, you will soon be up and exercising again. Good luck and best wishes 😊

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Hi Anna. Join the club. Eating healthy is not enough anymore. We need to burn more calories, consistently. I'm  42, and God knows, how the metabolism stopped....


Turning 40 is a killer!

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It's true - I think being extra careful for a little while might make the difference. It is very easy to make assumptions about things and estimate the calories. Thanks for your support

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Hi. What about swimming, to help your back?

Personally, I have to admit that I don't loose weight because I've been lazy or I am. I don't particularly like to exercise, so it's not a consistent habit. I eat well, but I don't spend the calories.

The thing with the healthy calories vs the wine calories, is that the healthy calories come from nutrients that we need. Alcohol  empty calories, it won't bring you anything that your body needs, so you will still need to eat something nutritious and there go the calories. My advise is avoid mist processed food, even light ones. Cook from scratch, with loads of veggies, will fill you up, with low calories.


I like the idea of swimming but at the moment I am banned from all exercise until my surgery as I am in danger of doing some permanent damage. I'm quite happy to enjoy empty calories if it comes in the form of alcohol, but I agree it probably needs to be a treat rather than a regular thing. 

I have never been a fan of processed and packaged foods, and always cook from scratch, but it is really amazing how those calories add if when you really think about it. 

My new mantra - vegetables are my best friend


It's the sugar in fruit that makes it high calorie.  Although fruit is good for you, a lot of fruit is not so good, especially in smoothies.  chewing on carrot sticks, celery sticks, cabbage stalks and big chunks of cucumber would be better


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