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Week 6. Still happy 😀

Hola happy campers

3lb off this week. I'm absolutely delighted! 1inch off my chest. Half an inch off my hips and thigh. All moving in the right direction 😊

I've stuck to my 1200 calories and my 6 workouts this week. 

It's been a pretty steady week. No major drama or things to push me over the edge. I'm still happy with my jeans achievement from earlier in the week. Today I've dusted off a maxi dress and I didn't look 9 months pregnant! Another achievement 😂

I'm aiming for 1lb off this coming week to push me into the 12 stones. 

Onwards & downwards 💪🏼😀

Start weight: 14st 4lb

Current weight: 13st

Total lost: 18lb

Still to lose: 49lb (into the 40's!! Another achievement🎉)

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Yay 😊 Very well done 😊

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That's great! 😀x

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