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Yummy Lunch

Yummy Lunch

As I have been having varieties of this lately I thought I'd share it properly.

This pan full of stuff is a 60g (dry weight) portion of wholewheat fusilli, a courgette, some asparagus spears and 100g of jumbo king prawns covered in "Sacla" red pepper pesto.

The courgette and asparagus were roasted in the oven and chopped up, pasta drained and then just tossed in a bit of pesto and some of the pasta cooking water along with the prawns - job done - around 420 kcal / 11g fat (high - due to the pesto) / 56g carbs / 31g protein / 13g fibre.

I had my lunch at around 12pm and I still feel stuffed. :)

I alternate the veg, usually using either aubergine or courgette. The asparagus was a bonus this time, it needed to be used. 

Also works really well with a chicken breast instead of the prawns. :)

Sacla also do a lovely aubergine pesto, more calories in that, but it's niiiiice. ;)

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Hi Foodie87,

Wow, this looks so great!!! I love this kind of meal, so tasty and filling and nutritious.  Yum!  I'd like the chicken version too as well as the prawn version.  The aubergine pesto sounds a nice variation as well.  Thanks for sharing!

Lowcal :-)


Thanks for posting, I would love that :) Nice to hear meal ideas :)


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