I just can't loose weight

Hey X 

So I know this sounds like a excuse but it's not! It's becoming frustrating X 

I have been tracking daily with MFP always within Kals amount or slightly under but 2nd weigh in and no loss!!!! 

I have been healthy eating for a good couple of months with no change, put it down to non tracking and the odd naughtiness X 

I have been to the doctors and been tested for thirod and other things but all clear? 

Anyone the same? What did you do? 


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9 Replies

  • Do you weigh everything or are you just guessing?  I found I was underestimating even with MFP. now I weigh absolutely everything.  

    Also have you upped your exercise? this can cause weight gain to start with. 

    I wouldnt give up hope if you are doing everything right, sometimes it can take a while for it to start working. 

    Good luck i hope it improves soon!

  • Hey X 

    Thanks for replying X 

    I do weigh everything, I have tried switching to all healthier ranges so I know they are better for me to? 

    Just feel trapped at my weight!!!

  • Hi Lozz84ie,

    Welcome to the forum.  I know you've been doing the plan for a couple of weeks and you haven't had any success yet.  Are you doing the NHS 12 week plan or something different?  It's good that you've been to the GP and had the all clear regarding your thyroid etc.

    Maybe some group support might be of benefit to you???  Have you read through our Welcome Newbie post yet?  Here's a link if you'd like to take a look:


    Also, have you considered joining our Monday group weigh-in sessions?  They can be very motivating, and might help you keep motivated:


    Good luck and hope you have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hey X 

    Thanks for your reply X 

    I will have a read! I'm not following anything much, I got my daily kal allowance from NHS, and then set up MFP! 

    I go to the gym 2-3 times a week doing 30-40 mins of cardio to X 

    I will join your Monday weighin as I weigh on a Monday X 

  • That's great that you'll be joining us for your Monday weigh-in Lozz84ie, and good luck with everything.  Will look forward to catching up with you, and hope this week goes really well.  :-)

  • Hi Hey X,

    I found watching secret eaters helped me a lot, Channel 4 and presented by Anna Richardson. I too couldn't lose weight though I was eating healthy vegetarian meals but after watching the programme several times it worked.

    Many of the people who took part said the same thing they are eating healthy meals or taking in very little calories but they just pile on the pounds. The programme showed them how many calories they were having a day without realising. Hence! the secret eaters.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hey X 

    Thanks for your reply X 

    I love watching those programmes, will have another watch, I understand where your coming from as I'm clearly not doing something right X 

    Well done to you to X 

  • Thanks Hey X,

    You might be doing ok sometimes it could be the timing of when you eat your meals especially during the evening.

    Yes do watch the programme, I believe without watching that programme I wouldn't be where I am today.

    Wishing you all the best.


  • Morning, I have the same problem! For me I think I'm just not vigilant enough at tracking EVERYTHING I consume. I have been in exercise regime for weeks and weeks But I let my diet slip too often I think due to lack of motivation! (May also be in denial about what I eat)

    Good luck tho, perhaps we can motivate each other?! Xx

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