Wardrobe Sorted

This morning I have put all my comforting, spare tyre hiding, winter fleeces and cardigans away for the summer! I've opened my summer boxes and tried loads of stuff on, the ones that don't fit me any more but I still like I have neatly packed away to be reopened when I have reached my goal. Everything hanging in my wardrobes either fits, or nearly does! This has given me incentive to succeed!


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7 Replies

  • Hi Caz28,

    Great that you've sorted through your wardrobe.  That can be a satisfying task can't it.  Great that it's given you some extra incentive to succeed!

    Have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • What a great idea - I think I will do something similar as my wardrobe is a mess!

  • I've been doing this too. Great idea 😊 I Even braved going into the garden in shorts and vest top!! Still wouldn't venture out in public but good to expose some flesh 😊 

  • I've been wearing shorts last couple of days too, daren't wear vests in public though, hate my bingo wings!

  • Me too 😕 Wouldn't wear either in public yet but one day 😊

  • absolutely!

  • Good idea , then when you do lose the weight you'll probably find you don't like some of the clothes anymore anyway....good excuse for some new stuff! But if the charity shop then benefits ,that's ok 😁😁😁

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