Week 10 and I'm all set for another 12 weeks

I am getting there, I planned slow and steady weight loss of around .5kg a week and I am on track. I have found the NHS 12 week plan really simple to follow now I am in the groove so will carry on until I reach my target weight. Cutting out bread has really helped with the old PMS too, not half as moody as I used to be. 


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  • Hi ClaptonMum,

    Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum, and I hope you'll enjoy being part of this community.  Glad to hear you're on track for your goals.  Great that you're in the groove and enjoying the NHS 12 week plan, and that you're continuing on until you reach your target weight.  Glad you've found a solution to help with your PMS and that your mood has improved as a result.  

    Have you seen our Welcome Newbie post, and do you know about the Monday group weigh-in sessions?  Here are links if you would like to see either of these things:



    Please do join in with anything in the forum that you like the look of.

    Good luck with your goals.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks, I like straight forward and this is all of that.

  • It sounds like you have the right idea and it is working well for you.  I am on my third - and almost fourth set of 12 weeks, LOL (I had a lot to lose)!

  • If it works right? Charting my progress and seeing my habits and behaviours is a great leveller for me. Thanks for the encouragement and keep on keeping on :-)

  • Yes, it has worked well for me, I am just 2lbs away from having lost 6 stone - yay!

  • That is super impressive, well done you! You must be absolutely delighted and very proud. Hope you are able to treat yourself to a few new summer clothes.

  • Thanks - yes I am totally over the moon about it and take every opportunity to tell all and sundry, LOL.  I still have just over 3 stone to go, so am limiting what I buy clothes-wise until August or September.

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