Puzzling weight gain? ...... Reassurance!!

We all have ups and downs with our weight, and for most of us even a small gain can be very demotivating, especially when we feel we've been trying really hard. When the scales show an increase for no obvious reason, it's easy to give up and say "what's the point"?.  

However it is important not to treat the scales as our only measure of progress. Your body measurements can usually give a far better picture of a reduction in body fat.   

Here is my example to illustrate how misleading scales can sometimes be:

I have maintained my target BMi 23 for the past year. But because I'm going on holiday soon, I made an effort in the past month to lose just a couple more pounds to give me a bit of leeway on holiday.

Now, two weeks ago I was 9st 12 and last week 9st 10lbs . My average calorie intake this past week has been 1354 per day gross ( before exercise). Yet today my scales actually show a 4lb increase to 10st ! That is the highest Ive been all year and I KNOW I HAVE NOT OVER EATEN so this weight increase just CAN NOT be body fat ( you have to overeat by 3500cals more than your body needs to gain a pound of fat) .

So , if anyone else out there is disappointed with today's number on the scales, just do your sums and if you know you're eating healthily within your calorie allowance, then do not give up. Try on your clothes or measure yourself instead, for a better picture. 

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10 Replies

  • You're so right elliebath , our bodies can act weird putting on weight when we should lose. Sometimes it's the time of the month, it can be because of increased muscles or even, I have found (in the past) because I've had salt and this has led to water retention.

    That's why Zest suggests we take measurements, when we stay the same or gain a little, it has been known for the inches to reduce 😃😃

    You've given good advice and encouragement to anyone who gains at this week's weigh in, and who doesn't know why they gained 😄😄

    Mouse 🐭 

  • Thanks Anon-E-Mouse , I could try to analyse each morsel of food but I think I'll just see what the next weigh in says. But one thing I definitely  cannot blame anymore is T.O.T.M .....😃 (actually very very glad to be rid of that, lol) 

  • Oh me too. Last T.O.T.M. was at least 15 years ago ...😃😃

  • Very wise words elliebath! :)

    I remember the fist time it happened to me and I was heartbroken! I did eventually calm down and reason that I'd stuck to the letter of the law and that the gain was just a natural fluctuation. Since then, I've weighed myself daily and am amazed at just how much my weight differs from one day to the next.

    It's important not to lose sight of the bigger picture and to not focus on the scales alone. If your clothes are fitting better, then all's well with the world! :)

  • Now, that's interesting moreless .... even from the beginning of my journey,  I never weighed daily.  But if it has given you a better understanding of fluctuation that's  good too. It has occured to me that as I was out in the heat all weekend, it could be water retention .

  • I'm the same in the heat! Like a big soggy sponge! :D

  • Hi elliebath.  its a good idea to check that the scales are not playing up  I remember a similar incident. Only the mistake I made was that I moved my scales to weigh myself in a different place, the rest of the day I  couldn't believe I had gained especially when I had not eaten anything naughty, and stuck to my normal cal. intake.. It was only the next day when I wondered was it because I had moved the scales!!  So weighed again in the usual place and Hey Presto!! I had lost 2pounds. I think the floor was slightly un-even where I had moved them. All these little changes matter when you are trying so hard. Getting it right sometimes needs a lot of planning, after all I was nearly cheated of a 2 pound weight loss that week. Haha!!

  • Thanks fruitspangle but sadly I can't blame the floor, scales not been moved an inch but thanks for the suggestion!

  • My weight varies a lot too, I weigh several times s week, and try to focus on the bigger picture 😕 

    You are doing really well to Maintain 😊 Sure those pesky 4lbs will evaporate soon 😊

  • Thanks anna 😊

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