Delighted week 2

Weighed myself this morning lost 3lbs and 1 inch off my waist

That is a total of 5lbs lost and my waist reduced by 3inches.

I have got really into this diet I think this site is a great help all the tips you all post and suport it is helping me to stick to it I can already get into some clothes that were too tight. 

I go on holiday in 3 weeks that will be a tester but at least I will 

feel better in my cossie and not look like a beached whale of course I have to stick to the diet for the next three weeks.

Good luck to you all that do the weigh in.

8 Replies

  • Well done, keep going, you're doing really well. 

  • Thank you I hope you are doing well with your weight loss

  • Fab loss well done hoiday100. Sure you will have lost a bit more by your holiday in 3 weeks. Keep it up :)

  • Thank you love your name sums me up at the moment but not for too much longer I hope. Good look on your weigh in.

  • Glad you like the name. It is shrinking but not as quickly as I would like! Lost another pound today but don't think it was from the muffin top!!!

  • Muffin tops are the most difficult to shift I think it is more the exercise its not easy but keep going

  • that's a really good loss, and the inches, even better, well done

  • well done on both the weight loss and the loss of inches, its very encouraging😊

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