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My scales are stuck!

Monday morning weigh in and stayed the same,  11st 3.5lb. Stuck to within 1400 calories, no chocolate, cake or biscuits, less bread, weighed everything,  Walked for 295 minutes plus usual housework/gardening. My neighbour of 28 years passed away on Friday, she was only 66, very upsetting,  but I still stuck to the diet! Don't know what else I can do. Start treatment for vitamin D deficiency this week, apparently that can cause weight gain, maybe I will lose it better then? Will keep going!

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Stress often hinders weight loss. And without your height it's hard to tell if you have much to lose? But if you've stuck to 1400 calories and you're doing all that exercise you might benefit from a treat day - some say that the variation in intake can kick start the process for you?

Good luck anyway


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I'm 5'4" need to los 21lb, lost 4.5lb so far......


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