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Good morning everyone!

I really am struggling to lose weight. I was a slim lady through my teens 20's and to my mid 30's, but gradually put on more and more weight since having my first baby at 36, and second at 40. The only real success I've had with losing was with lighter life when I went from size 14 to a size 10... I couldn't believe how easy it was at the time, and maintained for 6 months, running and watching my diet, but boy did the weight pile on once I relaxed a bit...I.m now 53, about 13 stone and around size 18 (I wear size 16 but not comfortably!). My problem is that I just can't seem to stick at anything. You name it, I've tried it, weight watchers (joined the online site for the THIRD time a few weeks ago, started full of enthusiasm and just gave up) slimming world, gym classes, meal replacements no longer work for me, and I know they're not a long term answer, even this site, I joined and don't really know how to get into it....I have a dog..walk him every day, a fitness watch, I'm a gym member, a decent bicycle (with panniers) and yet I just can't seem to motivate myself. My weight has been stable for a few years, so it's not creeping up, but I don't carry my weight well..I can see people looking at my tummy, and probably wondering if I'm pregnant. My husband, I think, has given up on me. I'm feeling really down about this now, and it's really hit me as I have a yearly camping weekend in a few weeks which is an organised event where the same families go each year. Last year I came back motivated to lose weight seeing so many of the other much slimmer and younger mums out running, doing yoga, etc. I did join in the yoga but then saw a video and I stuck out a mile with my size and lack of flexibility. So I was determined to go for it....and surprise them all this year, with the 'new me'. Last week I was googling 'how to lose 2 stone in 3 weeks'!!! I appreciate its baby steps, exercise more, eat less....but I ..just...can't ...seem ...to stick at ANYTHING ...I wondered if anyone else has been in this situation and could give me some practical advice??


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  • This could be my story if you add another 10 years of age.  My advise is go for it now, don't waste another 10 years feeling uncomfortable with your body.  I needed a real insentive / kick up the backside to get me started, and for me it was my son's wedding (4 weeks away now).  I have managed to avoid cameras (and mirrors) for many years now and I just couldn't bear the thought of the inevitable photos of me wearing a tent standing next to my beautiful, slim new daughter-in-law and my tall, fit son.  6 weeks on, and following the nhs 12 week plan, I am 1 stone lighter, planning on another ½ stone in the next 4 weeks, and really looking forward to the wedding

  • Thanks so much MW50. I do have an event at the end of June, a kind of reunion where I'll be seeing people who will remember me as slim and fit (in the old fashioned sense of the word!). I should probably make that my first target date. Again thank you for the advice and encouragement, which is what I need! 

  • Go for it, we are all with you.  I find that keeping a food diary and joining in with the Monday weigh-in sessions are real motivators.

  • The way I see it Genosmum, is that although you joined the site, until today, you've been going it alone.

    It's the community involvement that gives you the inspiration, motivation and support. I spent over 40 yrs as a yoyo dieter, but no more! This community has changed my life. I've lost 5st and will lose another 4st and will then maintain for the rest of my life, because of this community! :)

    May I suggest that you step over to our group weigh-in, as your first step to getting involved and to health and happiness :)


    I'll be waiting for you :)

  • Done it, thanks to you moreless, I think you ARE right, going it alone could be the problem.  Thank you!!!

  • As a team G, we are a formidable bunch and unwanted pounds are no match for us! :)

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