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Another newbie reporting for duty!

Good morning,

I hope this finds you all well. 

Just introducing myself. I'm 41, mum of 3 from Hertfordshire. 

I'm about to start Week 1 of the nhs weight loss programme. 

I gained 3 stone per pregnancy, and being 5'4", it really shows!  Can't shift my wobbly pregnancy tummy... 

BMI 26.4, 11 stone

Want to bring my BMI down to healthy range and improve my fitness level

I've got one of those fitness trackers and hope that'll motivate me to keep active  

Think I'm going to find calorie counting tricky because I usually cook my family meals from scratch and the calorie checker seems to deal with shop items.  Any help with calorie counting is gratefully received!

Best wishes,

Mrsphord x

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hi. I also have three children and cook from scratch so have no idea how to count the calories. I am trying to be more conscious of my portion sizes and eat slowly and stop when I feel full. I do like my food so it is difficult to resist leftovers so I am trying to put leftovers in a box in the freezer for another day. Am not doing great with weight loss but want to feel fitter and healthier and am using an exercise bike twice a week and walking more. I feel better when I exercise which means I make better decisions decisions about food! Good luck to you.


Hello wisecat

Ah yes portion sizes and leftovers are my big downfall!  Thank you for your message. I like the idea of freezing leftovers. I've started using a 9" plate at dinner to try not to overeat which is a big challenge for me as I love food too. I've just done an exercise DVD which was great fun.  Will try hard to keep it up!  Hope you have a good week 🙋🏻

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You are a similar weight to where I was after three pregnancies but it has taken me 20 years to gain control and get back there going the right way finally 😕 

I agree with wisecat about cooking from scratch and eating the same as your family but carefully watching portions, as a rough guide aim to eat about 2 oz or 50g of low gi carbohydrate at each meal and about 4 oz of meat or other protein twice a day. Bulk this up with vegetables and salads, the whole family will benefit 😊 

Self belief is vital, you have to absolutely believe you can do it 😊 Good luck and very best wishes 

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When I'm counting calories in home cooked food I just weigh what I put in the look up the calories. So if I made bolognaise for four people for example, I might put in two tins of chopped tomatoes. That's half a tin per person so I halve the amount of calories per tin. If the food doesn't have a tin or packet the internet can be really good for googling calories.

Good luck on your weight loss!

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