Not sure where to start

Had a blow out day today. 4 mars bar ice creams,  a lot of chocolate, chips, burgers etc. I overeat when stressed or feeling a bit sad. 

I previously found exercise helped regulate my appetite but since I had an injury I cannot even walk a great distance.

Anyway so tomorrow the diet plan starts but in trying to plan out meals I'm getting stressed with logging calories etc - any tips for easy meal planning - I don't mind lots of repetition initially just feel a bit overwhelmed and was hoping to plan the next couple of days tonight to give me the best chance of adhering to the plan. 


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6 Replies

  • Which diet plan are you following? I do slimming world. I suggest stir fry, chilli, cottage pie, egg and bacon cooked in healthy oil.

  • Emerald82 i can relate to this - I have a injury originally caused by a problem from a back operation last summer and find it hard to walk too. However I am doing some swimming which helps as well as gentle Pilates. Re. meals, I have found the online meal planner app from the NHS site invaluable in the first few weeks (now in week 5 of diet) since it gives ideas for different types of meals, all already calorie counted, and most of ingredients are readily available. Also like the Hairy Bikers series of diet books. I also find the "publish and be damned approach" works for me - at the beginning of each day I print the sheet out from NHS site for calorie counting, stick to fridge, and then fill in as I go through day. That way the rest of my family help keep me on the straight and narrow! Hope this helps and good luck.

  • Good morning, nothing to add to the lovrly replies above, just want to wish you good luck 😊

  • Recongnising your triggers is a good thing .

    just try and not have a stock of those things that you snack on in the house it may sme time don't forget we all deserve a treat .😊

  • How about focusing on the stressed/sad part and other ways of coping with that than eating not very nutritious food... that you probably didn't enjoy that much (one Mars bar maybe... 4 no)

  • Weetabix is good for breakfast as you just count out two of them, no measuring required! Check the box for the calorie content with semi skimmed milk. I find Weetabix filling.

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