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i need your help

 Hello to everyone I'm from Saudi Arabia years ago I was suffering from overweight But I did not try to solve this problem while i was young later it became a big problem i started to have fair about health issue and i hated looking to myself because of my weight and my family tried to help me but i never tried to help myself not years ago and not now but i want to change that because i am not happy years ago i was 90 kilo but now i am 155 and i am in shock because of that and the past couple of months i walked a lot and eat less but it didn't help at all i didn't  loss anything  and i am very disappoint so after i did search and i found this site and i came here hoping that i will get help from all of you

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Hi Asfourax,

Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum.  It is a friendly and supportive place, and I hope you'll enjoy being part of our community.  It can be a shock to realise you've gained some weight, but hopefully you'll be able to make some good progress here - and I'd like to recommend having a look at the NHS 12 week plan.  Infact, if you have a read of our Welcome Newbie post, which moreless has put together, then you'll see a link for the NHS 12 week plan there, as well as lots of other really motivating replies within the thread:


We have a Monday group weigh-in, and there are also details of that in the thread.  Please do join in with that if you like the idea of a weekly weigh-in.  I'll be posting the thread just before 6.30am tomorrow morning, but you can basically join in at whatever time in the day suits you best.  Some people pop in after work in the evening to post their weigh-in results - we are also around in the evening too.  

Anyway, wishing you luck and success with your goals to lose weight.  

Lowcal :-)


Hi and welcome Asfourax :)

Don't you worry about a thing, you've come to exactly the right place. We're all in a similar position and we all help each other :)

Zest has given you some great links and I hope you take her up on them :)

Looking forward to seeing you at the weigh-in tomorrow and wishing you all the very best :) 

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As Salam alaikum Asfourax.  

ما شاء الله - شكرًا for coming here - this is the best help you will get. 

No matter what you weight or what your goal is, everyone here is friendly, helpful and non judgemental. 

Stay with us and we'll help you through inshAllah.

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Hi Asfourax, This is a good forum for encouragement and support. I am starting again (after a relapse), and plan to eat mostly vegetarian dishes. I made hummous, and on the side a youghurt-cucumber soup yesterday. Will make a vegetarian pizza today. Soups are a great way to satisfy and yet get the nutrition one needs. As well as fresh fruits and salads. We will all help eachother on this site. Good luck! Kate


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