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Last night my OH stepped on the scales and discovered he'd lost a stone. He's not even on a diet!

He's been the little devil on my shoulder, sneaking pringles and cake into the shopping trolley and turning up with take-away, but as i've been in a diet, he seems to have lost weight by proxy. 

He weighs less than me, and he's lost more weight too. I'm in a huff now.

Edit: so I have to update this. I stepped on the scales myself, and they annoinced I had lost 3lbs since yesterday... I thought something was foul, then realised a tiny corner of the scales was resting on the bath mat. I moved them, and regained my 3lbs. I told OH to try again, and he put 6lbs on! He's now the one in a huff with me... I'm feeling slightly smug :D

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Yes -your world is my world.  I have just had to get over it and accept I have v trim husband who cares about what he weighs.

But yes - simply not fair....


Well my OH doesn't really care what he weighs, always likes to think it's muscle weight! But he was a bit smug to have gotten back to his uni/teen weight.


So unfair!  My husband lives off sweets, chocolate, crisps and anything he fancies as well as substantial meals.  He stays the same weight.  It is not a "healthy" weight - he is definitely grossly overweight, but his weight doesn't change whatever he eats, and he sits on the sofa almost permanently day and night.

If I ate what he ate - or even proportionately less taking my height into consideration I would continuously put on weight until I was unable to move or fit through the door.  If I don't regularly exercise and watch what I eat I continuously increase in size.  To constantly be on a diet is my only choice if I actually want to stay alive and healthy. 

And since our recent holiday (on which I put on 4.4kg) he has been demonstrating that his trousers are looser.  Damn him!

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Ha ha, yeah, so frustrating that men can eat so much rubbish! At the end of the day though, I think it's important to be healthy too, so think how much your arteries are thanking you!


Hehehe 😂 Sorry but this really made me laugh!! My hubby loses weight every time we have had a healthy eating burst!! Grrrr 

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I know, lick a carrot and they lose a stone!


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