First week blues

Hi, I'm 6 days in to my first week, as as yet not lost an ounce!  I'm finding calorie counting very hard and would appreciate it if you know of any sites that offer recipes suitable to 1400 calories over 3 meals per day.  I don't own an iPhone, so can't download an app to assist me.  Looking forward to sharing my journey and to learning more about others on the forum


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12 Replies

  • Hiya,welcome to this awesome group. Am a newbie myself and am finding it really helpful to be here. The first week is always the hardest so just hang in there. It will become easier. If you type in 1400 calories meal plan UK in Google you get lots of websites that offer 1400 meal plan already laid out for you like,, Hope that helps. 

  • Hi Almeide - many thanks for this

  • Hello

    Sorry are finding things difficult, if it's any consolation the first few weeks are the most difficult 😕 Have faith and don't give up, you will soon get the hang of things 😊 

    As Aimeide suggests, look online or even look for a library book? Rosemary Conley or the Hairy Dieters are often recommended, also 15 minutes to Lean which is on offer in Asda  😊

    Good luck! 😊

  • Thanks Anna 61 - so obvious when you see it written down - Perhaps my brain cells are starving too!

  • Do try "my fitness"

    Quick and easy calculator!

  • Hi  this is my first week on 1400cals too. My weigh day is tomorrow. I've not got on the scales all week as i didnt want to lose interest if they hadnt changed! I had a bad night last night and ate some chocolate so aiming to be really good today! is available on android too not just iPhone and also on your laptop,  it is really good! 

  • Thanks so much - will try this now

  • I use a wee book called My Pocket Calorie Counter

  • I know calorie counting can be hard at first but I have a notebook in the kitchen and log all my food in there. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I put the weight and the calories (points as I am doing Weight Watchers) next to each food item. I  find that I do eat similar foods over the week so after a while its just a case of checking the list and weighing the portion out as you already know the calorie value - a lot quicker I find. I can't get an app on my phone either as its too old! Stick with it, you will get there :)

  • Thanks for that - it's knowing the calorie count to start with isn't it, that's why I'd like to have some recopies that spell it all out.  The Good Food web page is quite good at that, but limiting in the scope of meals.  But I won't give up!

  • Useful to know the count of basics like an apple, chicken breast, slice of bread etc, but it is really important to weigh everything out as sizes vary, some sliced bread weighs almost 2oz!! 

    Good luck

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