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Oh FFS this is so frustrating!

I so want to be positive - I so want this to work - but for the love of God nothing seems to be shifting!!

I wrote 2 weeks ago off, so really I am in week 2 (but three weeks later) and NOTHING!!

I tried so hard this last week, only one day over (wine - but only 3 small glasses) and 215 minutes of proper full on, sweat till you drop exercise - and NOTHING!!!

I will of course carry on, as what I am not doing is gaining any inches (I am doing inches not weight) it has remained completely the same. So I can only  take this as a positive.

Blughhhhhh and arghhhhhh (that's me shouting)

It's going to be hot weekend and all I have is winter jumpers and jeans to wear - nice :(

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Try and stay positive 100, you may very well have lost this week, because you don't know how much you gained last week, with all your excesses :)

I do fully understand how frustrating it is to not see any progress, but it will happen, if you're patient :)

Keep up the good work and fingers crossed for you :)


It's frustrating I must have tried 20 diets with those results and I struggle with sat nights friends - cooking up dinners - popping corks - dips - snacks - etc etc 

I wish you success and hope for some myself - but I can't stop living the life or the dream lol 

Good luck 


I feel your pain !!!!


Thanks guys. Appreciate the support 


Hi Forthe100thtime,

Really hope you feel better as the day goes on, and hope that you enjoy the weekend.  Those inches will decrease all being well - just be patient and focused and you'll get there.

Lowcal :-)


Don't be disheartened, I lost almost a stone before I saw any appreciable difference in my waist measurement.  Is it possible that you have lost weight in areas not measured, or so evenly that the tape measure is not reflecting it?


Sorry you are struggling, we all get phases where we stick for no apparent reason, I know I have had them, but then a few weeks on, you might get a sudden substantial loss like I did.  It's a real rollercoaster ride but just don't give in, you can do it!  In the meantime, can you treat yourself to a nice pretty maxi-dress or two to go out and about in, if you shop around you may find some on offer, or some discount codes.  I just got myself one, with a little shrug or light cardi to cover my bingo wings they are quite forgiving, they flow, they cover a multitude of sins in my case (swollen leg and I'm still generally overweight all over), and they are summery.

Good luck, keep fighting the good fight!


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