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hi everyone, this is good for me as I have found a page with people who can help me. I started my weight loss seriously last year before Christmas , I know crazy ya but wanted to work it through and see if I have self control, I did coz the whole of December I had lost 2lb, well it was the holiday season, so I gradually started counting calories using my fitnesspal and I lost a stone but now I have a PLATEAU and have been on the same weight for 4 weeks, I need to add exercise but I don't know which ones are the best. I don't want to tone up fat as my boot weight fat check says I have way way too much fat. any help would be grateful.



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  • Hi. I reached a plateau too recently. I'd lost just over 2.5st since last July. I just couldn't seem to drop below 13st. I'm doing a charity wing walk in June so I was desperate to get down to 12st 10lb (the heaviest you can wing walk). I was stuck for about 3 weeks and was very demoralised. I went back to basics, upped my activity slightly and was more accurate with my food intake diary. Sure enough the weight started shifting again. Don't give up x

  • thank you, its just that I kept changing my goal weight on the calendar and still felt I was not doing much. now that the warm weather is here I will do more walking but my loss weight and calories were all based on soups now its warm don't want to see anything warm in my sight so I am scared to start thinking of good foods to replace my soups. I am more anxious now than I was at the start.

  • Salads? I love a big bowl of salad. I chop everything up so I can use a fork to eat it from a bowl. How about something like Matzo crackers with cottage cheese? Some soft cheese like Philadelphia do a very low fat version. Use that and top with something like beetroot. 

  • May seem odd but try eating slightly more for a week then go back to your current limit :) the body gets used to a low limit and starts conserving.



  • Hi and welcome ohdear34 :)

    Take a look at our Welcome Newbie thread, as it's full of useful tips and inspiring stories. Within it, is a link to the NHS 12 week plan, which is an effective and easy way to kick start your weight loss. It can be found in the pinned post section to the right of your screen, alongside some fun and motivating challenges and a terrific recipe thread :)

    I'd like to invite you along to our monday group weigh-in, which is friendly, non-judgemental and supportive. If you follow Zest , you'll get a notification when she posts the thread, but the latest can always be found in the events section to the right of the home page :)

    Looking forward to seeing you out and about on the forum and wishing you all the very best :) 

  • Hi ohdear34,

    Have you seen our Recipe collation post?  You might find some ideas to try out there - there are lots and lots of great suggestions:


    The thing with exercise is if it's something you 'enjoy' then you're more likely to keep going with it, so maybe just try a few things out and see how you get on.  I am a firm believer in walking, as it is really healthy and you can enjoy some fresh air and hopefully nice scenery depending on where you decide to walk.  

    Have you got any ideas what exercise you might like to try?

    Wishing you success and a great weekend.  Well done for the weight loss you've already achieved, that is really great.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I have been doing a 30 minute high intensity bootcamp. And 2 lots of 45 minute spinning. I have to say I notice it when I don't do the bootcamp. It's good as it combines some stretching with aerobic exercise. The instructor often varies the workout which means it's challenging. There are dvds or videos on youtube which are similar if you want to do it at home. But I like going to the class.

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