ive been naughty

We have a communal area at the back of my bungalow and we usually sit out at night in the summer and have a drink and a chat. I knew when i joined that that would be my achilles heel. Last night i had saved calories for one drink, but because it was our first time out this year, we stayed and had another, and so i find that i had gone over my allowance. So today i am re-thinking, and i have come up with the idea of making my nightcap longer, a taller glass, more sugar free coke in it, with lots of ice and maybe some lime and lemon slices. I think this way it will be more special, and will enable me keep control of the calories. I plan on eating this way as my new way of life, and so i dont want to have to deprive myself of my little pleasure. Fingers crossed that this works. By the way, alcohol dependancy is not an issue, haha, its just that now i am retired i want to enjoy my life, but at the same time i want to keep healthy. Off to Tesco in a mo for more fruit and veg to fill me up. Have a great healthy day everyone. xx


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18 Replies

  • That sounds like a good plan!

  • I always leave enough calories for half a bottle of wine :/ i think aslong as you plan it in no problem with treating yourself!

  • Plan it in and enjoy the socialising and drinking  what you like!

  • Great that you are enjoying life! no harm done if you factor it in 😊

  • Sounds like a lovely thing to do and a very sensible plan :-)

  • thanks xx😊

  • Or make your second drink just the Diet Coke ice and fruit . . . I like a G&T followed by a vir-gin tonic 😊 

  • good idea, thank cx😊

  • Hi Roseyjaytay,

    Great plan, and hope you enjoy your evenings and the remainder of the weekend. The weather is due to be a scorcher over the weekend!

    Lowcal :-)

  • thanks xx😊

  • I like a gin and slim line tonic with a dash of lime cordial with lots of ice. If I just have lime, tonic and ice it still tastes lovely but the lime helps mask the fact that there is no gin in it!  How lovely that you and your neighbours sit out together and have a chat. :)

  • yes, I am lucky to live here thanks x

  • We all need to live a little, and enjoy, a good plan!    I went out last night and had a curry, just one korma and rice, and ate only half the rice, as a maintainer, back to 1400 cals, and 'm aware things spiral back to weight gain!

    The pressure is on myself to be steady now

  • Yes, that's what I mean, you went out for a curry, we have to live too, its when we givre up the things we love to do that we take a wrong turn and cant find the way back. We have to find a way to be able to carry on having the odd treat but still lose the weight and eventually maintain a healthy weight. Good luck 😊

  • What a lovely idea to get together in the balmy evening and have a chat and a giggle no doubt. Sounds a very nice life! Planning for these events is so the key, and you've done just that. Well done!

  • thanks, good luck for your day xx

  • I haven't had an alcoholic drink for over seven years, and I don't feel deprived.

  • I too was naughty today but with a creme egg, it was scrummy -no one in the house knows I have eaten it. I will make it back over the next few days though. It is very difficult to give up everything you like so any way to have a guilt (and calorie) free treat has got to be good, the taller glass is a great idea, sadly there isn't a calorie free creme egg available yet.

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