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Week 5 of the 12 week plan and I'm just feeling so upbeat and energised. I've already lost 10lb and it feels good. The pledges this week have really challenged me and pledging to avoid sugar has sent me off on a health kick tangent I didn't see coming...I've decided to tackle my roseacea and fibromyalgia from the inside out and am sure avoiding sugar will help. To top it all the dress I ordered in a smaller size which I AM going to get into soon has just arrived! So excited to see my weight going down and even when I go off plan in the bigger picture I am losing so as the motto goes, onwards and downwards! X


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24 Replies

  • Wow  really? 10lbs in 5 weeks, thats amazing, i hope i do as well, im on my first week, very enthusiastic. thanks for sharing 

  • I think it's this community that keeps me going, I don't think I'd stay so keen without the challenges, weigh-ins and posts! I hope you have a really good first week roseyjaytay and look forward to seeing your post on the Monday weigh-in if you plan to weigh in there!

  • oh yes, i will be there, have a great day.

  • You too! Off to the gym now ☺

  • Cutting out sugar has made a huge difference to my general well-being and as a life-long sugar monster, I think it has cured me of my addiction to the white stuff (sugar that is, not cocaine, lol).

  • Lol! Though fom what I read sugar does seem to be a drug but curing any addiction is hard so well done!

  • HI Fab_Jem,

    Wow, what an inspiring and positive post.  I really enjoyed reading it!  Congratulations on your great results, and I love your enthusiasm and positivity.  

    Onwards and downwards! 

    Lowcal :-)

  • You have to believe to suceed!

  • So glad you are tackling things inside in, in fact what goes in, shines out, I find!

  • Yes! I started taking a probiotic today, among a few other healthy bits and bobs and I feel really good knowing I'm feeding myself inside out. Really thinking about what goes in now beyond just cutting calories . Shine on! 😊

  • Seem to be a sugar junkie myself, although less than I used to be, which is good

  • I like it all but caffeine is the thing I find hard to get over

  • Hi So glad you are feeling energised after losing 10lbs. Fab loss in 5 weeks. Will be interesting to see how you feel once you avoid the sugar. Hope you fit into the dress soon as well :)

  • Thanks muffin! It's a summer dress so hopefully the warmer weather will last! It's my third sugar free day so bit early to tell its effect yet perhaps 😉

  • Hi Fab_Jem I notice you also suffer from Rosacea, I also do quite badly at times, I do agree with you regarding the sugar aspect, I'm also hoping that removing the sugar in my diet I might see some improvement.

    The antibiotic cream helps a little, but not as much as I would like.

    Hopefully we will both notice a difference. xx

  • Hiya again Amber! I'm sorry you've got it too but it would be great to hear from you if cutting out sugar helps you. It seems too early to tell for me yet but I think the whole diet needs to encourage friendly bacteria in our guts as it's the bad guys causing the flare ups. I'm trying a probiotic capsule three times a day, and also have been taking cider vinegar dilluted in water which made a HUGE difference BUT I'm a bit concerned about taking it long term and need to perhaps check with a doctor if it's safe first. I will let you know my progress! Let me know if you find any other solutions...xx

  • Thanks Fab_Jem,

    I will let you know how I get on, I'm going through the menopause as well and I'm finding this isnt helping the problem.

    I love hot spicy foods, but this seems to make matters worse.

    I do agree with you, I think healing the body from inside out will hopefully help the problem.

    Let's hope in a few months time, not only will you and I will be weighing a lot less, feelling a lot healthier, the Rosacea will be causing us less problems.

    Have a great week. xxx

  • I've heard coconut water may help both menopause and roseacea. If you're weighing in tomorrow see you there! X

  • Thanks Fab_Jem, I will look into the coconut water, I'm of to the health food shop tomorrow, I will be in touch. xx

  • Have a look at the possible links between gluten and fibromyalgia. Some people benefit from going gluten free (but be careful to avoid most of the supermarket ready made gluten free foods, because of the additives and added sugar).

    Have a look at prebiotic foods, as well as probiotics.

  • Thanks Penel, I will look into gluten and prebiotics. I've heard about gluten possibly affecting it but not prebiotics...something new for me to research! ☺

  • Prebiotics are more for gut health generally, but hopefully might help. Prebiotic foods, rather than supplements, can be a good idea if your body is absorbing nutrients successfully. Common foods like leek and cold cooked potatoes give your bacteria something to chomp on, but you don't want to have too much!

  • wow Health Kick, what a great loss in only 5 weeks, well done

  • Thank you! Gotta keep in keeping on!

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