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Yo-Yoing vicious cycle

I have lost approximately 10 stone in different stages over the years but continually put it all back on again.  I am a compulsive eater so when I am happy and everything is fine I eat sensibly but as soon as I get stressed in anyway I binge on anything fatty or sweet whether I am hungry or not.  It hasn't helped going to weight watchers, slimming world or being overseen by a dietitian at my GPs.  I am trying to stop this vicious cycle or yo-yo ing as I am sure it is very bad for my health especially now I am getting arthritis and my joints are suffering.  Last time I lost 4 stone with slimming world but I couldn't keep at my goal weight it kept creeping up despite working out at the gym 3 times a week and going on jogs/long walks every day.  I have put it all back on again now and not evenly spread over my body it has all gone back on my arms and legs so I find it very hard to get clothes to fit now as they are disproportionately big for my size so trousers wont go over my thighs and I can't get my arms in shirts or jackets.  I am eating healthily trying not to binge or starve sticking to 1500 cals per day or less and trying to exercise as much as possible I am currently 5 stone overweight for my height of 5ft 6in at 15 stone 7lbs.  I am menopausal now at age 51 and taking  10mg Paroxetine daily to alleviate hot flushes, so I don't know if that helps or hinders any weight loss.  I am considering going on HRT as the Paroxetine doesn't seem to be working but I hear that HRT makes you put even more weight on so I am scared to try it.  Any advice from anyone out there please?

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Hiya, i was on HRT for 10years, and it didnt make me put weight on. What it did though was made me feel so much better, and when i eventualy came off it, it was hard at first. because i felt like i was missing something. It is good for making you feel better, so i would seriously consider it. I had the patches. I do hope you make the right decision, why not give it a go? I am sure your doctor will help you with the decision.


Hi Essie51,

Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS community forum.  There is a link to a page on the NHS Choices website about Healthy eating and the Menopause, which you might find helpful:


Also, please do have a look at our Pinned Posts area (top right-hand-side of the homepage) for the Welcome Newbie post and other Challenge threads, plus we have a Recipe collation post too which is worth a look.

I hope you'll join us for the Monday group weigh-in, if the idea of a weekly weigh-in interests you.

Hope to see you around and about in the forum, and wishing you success with your goals.

Lowcal :-)


Hello Essie51 

Your post really spoke to me, you sound exactly like I felt a year ago 😊 Here is a big hug ❤️

I can offer a few practical suggestions but I think you probably know much of it 😕 What is different for me this time is I have worked on my head, my brain, training myself to feel in control, feel positive.  The menopause affects us in so many ways, emotionally and psychologically 😕 As well as the blasted hot flushes!! Last summer I was so miserable with these and heat rashes etc but NO MORE 

I cannot take HRT as I have high BP and also have arthritis so any weight bearing exercise is difficult. But, like you, I am quite good at losing weight, so I started there, but not 'dieting' just a sensible amount of food, an eating plan I can follow long term, similar calories to you 😊 I also read and listen to everything I can about weight loss/weight management to inspire and motivate me. I am slowly starting to believe I can and will follow this for ever 😊

Together with this I have gradually increased the exercise which helps my mood and energy levels, but you are already there 😊

With regards to the binging, when we are stressed, upset or emotional, our brains revert to what I call 'cave man mode' and tried to get us to load up with calories ready to run away from the wildebeest!! It's perfectly natural 😊 We just need to practice damage limitation, distraction, exercise, music, phone s friend, whatever gets you through, 😊 There is a really good series of podcasts called foodforfitness that had one on this subject that I can recommend,

Sorry for such s long post, thinking of you, very best wishes 😊 

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Thanks Anna61 for your reply.  I have had a good weekend spending a lot of time working in a garden for a charity and melting away the pounds or so I thought.  Weighed myself yesterday and I have put another 2 lbs on!  Hardly ate anything on Saturday or Sunday did have an ice cream but walked 5 miles on Sunday so thought I could get away with that and I was by the seaside.  I find it so hard to be motivated when the results don't reflect what I am doing.  Still eating healthily and trying not to binge when I am fed up.  I will keep at it  -  thanks for your support.


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