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Week 4

I went away last week on holiday and got back on the scale yesterday.

I gained about 4lbs. I definitely did a lot of damage. I'm back on the wagon, went for a walk today and fixed up my eating. 

Back to the gym for a double workout tomorrow and I'll continue as normal.

It was a nice break, but I won't be having one of those for a while 😂.

Still 2.6lbs down but my longer term goal is bigger than this short term set back. It's time to keep it moving. 

This begins Week 5 and it will be even better. 

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I find that the weight goes on so easily, I only have to have a couple I days off plan and up goes the weight and it takes so long to get rid of it again.  Well done for enjoying your holiday and even better done for getting straight back on to it xx


It's always more difficult when we are in a different routine 😕 Good luck with week 5 😊 Onwards and diwnwards


Hi Maryfunke,

I agree with Annde70 and IndigoBlue61 - weight does go up when we go off track, but holidays are such great occasions, and hopefully you'll soon get those 4 pounds back off now you're back in your normal routine.  Good luck!  

I've also gained weight after my recent holiday - 7 pounds in 2 weeks...  But it's already coming off, so I'm feeling much more positive about it.  So is yours - you're already 2.6 pounds down, that's really great!!!  You've had a nice break, and that's really great!

Hope the rest of your week goes really well.

Lowcal :-)


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