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Hit the wall and frustrated

GottodothisHealthy BMI

Hi All,

I keep to my cal in take thanks to mfp, exercise for 1 1/2hrs a day, but things have now stopped moving.  Getting fed up with my exercise routine.  So I looked into getting a personal trainer and was shocked, the cheapest wants £115 a month 4x1hr work out with him and a plan on what to do till our next session.  On top of the gym fee's themselves.  Ouch

I can't afford that my husband is disabled so on a low income.  Catch 22 can't afford to hire a trainer but can't continue on this path.

While my sister who is obese can get free gym pass and a trainer until she gets to a suitable weight and bmi but won't take it up.  The trainer does more with her than mine would so it must be expensive.  

Sorry for the rant just want to scream.

Good luck 


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ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Wendy,

Sorry to hear you're feeling like you want to scream with frustration over the circumstances you described.  I hope you're feeling a bit better by now, as I noticed you posted about 3 hours ago - sometimes having a rant and letting it out can be beneficial, and so I hope it did help.

Have you had a look at maybe purchasing a new DVD for exercise - one of those would be much cheaper than having a personal trainer - I got one from a car boot sale the other day for just 50p - and I think there are a range out there that cost maybe £10.99 to £15.00 or so.  Or maybe look in your local library for books or DVDs that you could borrow about different exercise regimes you might like to try out.   That can be a bit like having your own personal trainer, as you can listen to their DVD whenever you want and do bits as and when you want to.  Also there are some free exercises online - I think one of Jillian Michael's 30 day shred exercises is available online for free - for example. 

I remember someone who posted about setting up their own 'circuit training' set-up at home, with various 'stations' around the house, so they could do different things, and I think they used a pack of cards or maybe a dice to tell them how many repetitions of each exercise they should do, and which circuit station they should do next - things like that to make it more interesting and random.

Maybe get together with a friend to do a new walk, or try an exercise class - you don't have to join the gym full-time, maybe pay per session, on a more occasional basis?

I can't think of anything else right now, but I really hope you're feeling a bit better and I really hope you are able to keep going and that you see some results on the scales. 

Good luck!

Lowcal :-)


Have you tried 'mixing it up' by having more calories one day and less the next? This is supposed to confuse our metabolism that fine tunes itself to our eating habits to eek every single calorie from our stomachs? 

I feel your frustration 😕 Hope your feeling better after letting off steam 😊 Best wishes 

Great minds Anna61. I was typing my reply and didn't see your reply. Sorry for the repetition Gottodothis.

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to muffintop67

Haha 😊 Your answer much more scientific than mine!!  Lol 😊

Hi Gottodothis. Sorry to hear your weight loss has stopped. Lowcal's advice re different exercise options is great as always. Just a thought for you though - have you heard of Calorie Cycling (I think that is what it is called) where you change the amount of calories you have on some days. I was just reading online that your body can adapt to a calorie deficit, its seems something to do with a hormone called leptin and a day or two of refeeding can help to shift the metabolism. It all sounded a bit sciencey but maybe worth a go. The webpage was titled Calorie and Carb Cycling - Breaking through your diet plateau. If you type that in Google hopefully it will appear. Let me know what you think? :)

On a previous post you said your BMI was 23, which basically means you're pretty much slap bang in the middle of normal range. Are you not maybe expecting a bit much from your poor body? The closer you get to "normal" the more difficult it is to lose weight because your body fights you and wants to retain a certain level. 

You could try some new things, intermittent fasting, low carb, another form of exercise (c25k for instance), but basically I think you've made it!

I know where you are comming from lost five stone now on the last stone been going up and down like a yo yo .BUT I know sometimes I guess calories and still have something I shouldn't have ever now and then. We all know if we stick to the plane the weight will come off.As for exercising what great weather we are having my best workout is going out early in the morning with my little girl and running along her. Having her shouting come on daddy . All so some great videos on you tube doing the ab challenge on day 14 good luck 

My little girls on her bike lol

GottodothisHealthy BMI

Thanks all for your replies.  My weight is perfect it is the toning up that is frustrating core/tum and bum won't move.

I unfortunatly don't have space to do exercises at home, when I have tried (bought fit wii) somebody always wanted me or a job needed doing so stopped using it, even after putting do not disturb sign on door. 

It was a shock when I found out the price of a personal trainer no wonder people are going into that business.  Will just have to work harder.

Thas again everyone


Hidden in reply to Gottodothis

If you want to tone up, if you can find somewhere that does a class called Bodypump id highly recommend it.  Its basically doing weights to music.  

Another good type of class is HIIT, (high intensity interval training) just be careful if you have bad knees.

For the bum, squats/lunges are key.

For the tum its a bit harder, most ab exercises only do small muscle groups. so you need to do a wide range of exercises. planks, crunches, twisting sit ups, mountain climbers. 

Good luck! The tum and thigh area is the bit I want to tone the most on my body too!


I joint a local running club, and go to a few exercise classes. I find it helps me massively to go with a group as they push you further.

just make sure you find the right classes, some are not worth going to as they don't push you hard enough!

Ive also got a few apps, like PTinmypocket or just youtube, there is plenty of ideas out there without you having to resort to crazy PT prices!

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