Demon Defeated

If only for one day. :)

Yesterday did not go as planned.  Got back a bit late from Brownies (parent late picking up), husband late from work (train problems), found I had forgotten to take anything out of the freezer.  And then the grocery order turned up.  Luckily we'd both managed to get home by then.

It could have been bad.  Indeed, I was really itching to get out the card and order a pizza.  But no, I resisted.  Ok, so dinner ended up being scrambled eggs and toast (with leftover zucchini burger).  But I avoided the temptation of the fearful take out demon!  A healthy dinner was had and I was only slightly over my calories (75 or so isn't that bad really).

A large thank you to all for their encouragement last week.  I can do this and I can find alternate food solutions to the take out demon. :)


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7 Replies

  • Wow well done. It gets easier with time. Keep up the good work 

  • Well done VickyDLM avoiding temptation deserves a big pat on the back. Hope today is not as tempting for you. And thanks for mentioning scrambled eggs, that's my lunch sorted for today 😃😃

    Mouse 🐭 

  • Thanks, Mouse!

    You've gotta love the scrambled eggs.  And if you use a non-stick pan you don't even need much in the way of oil/butter.  I use a vegetable oil spray and that works really well.

    Enjoy your eggs! :)

  • I do them in a Pyrex bowl with a little skimmed milk, in the microwave. Quick and easy and no sticking.


  • That works.  Wish I could train my husband not to use the plastic jugs for that!

    I don't really like the way scrambled eggs come out in the microwave.  The texture is all wrong for me.  Either way, eggs are quick and easy! ;)

  • I know how you feel. Yesterday at work I took my money to the snack shop in search of something satisfying but chocolatey, but having ruled out all the usual chocolate bars as not worth the calories, came back to my desk money in hand - and so chuffed with myself, just like you. I think it helps to write down these little victories in changing habits to make you remember the achievement the next time you face that sort of challenge!

  • That's a good idea, motherofboys.  I keep a food diary of everything I eat, but I hadn't thought to keep a record of the things I didn't eat. :)

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