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where can i get information on the right portion size for foods?

Hi all, please can anybody tell me where i can get a guide to the finding the right portion size for foods. iv decided to do the portion controlled diet because calorie counting is too detailed and restrictive for me. so far am finding it ok but my problem is the plan on bhf has  just about 6 examples of food and their right portions for each food group llike fruit and veg, protein etc. i cant seem to find information on the right size of portions of food not listed there so am only eating things specified there. i am hoping i can get the right portion sizes for things like whole milk,powdered or liquid(they only list the portion for semi or skimmed milk), plain noddles,plantain,yam, boiled rice, jollof rice. iv ordered a book on portion sizes from amazon but it will take a couple of days to be delivered and i dont want to stop and wait till it comes. so any information would be greatly appreciated. thank you

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Hi Ameide,

I'm rushing just now, but saw a link that might be helpful:


Just have a look around the NHS Choices website as well incase there are any further link pages that you might find helpful.

Lowcal :-)


Thanks lowcal, I'll check it out. 

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There are lots of portion size guides on the Internet. Perhaps try looking for portion guides on Pinterest for a wide variety of foods.

You could also use this "hand measurement" for most foods.


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Ok thanks will che


Thanks I'll check there


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