Water Retension

Hiya, since monitoring my weight, I have noticed weight fluctation throughout the week. I could put on up to 1-2lbs in a couple of hours and once I even put on 7lb in 2 days! I thought my scales were at fault but when weighed myself at the hospital the same day, they read the same weight (with the increase). At these times I look puffy and feel heavy. I have read I should increase my water intake as the body is fighting to retain water. Does anyone have any other advice?

Thank you

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  • BTW, I am taking Predsilone for Asthma, one week, per month and have just read that this can contribute to water retension too.

  • Weight does vary throughout the day, and mine goes up and down a lot too 😕 I try to drink lots, and only weigh myself first thing in the morning in the exact same place. 

    With regards to the medication, I'm sorry I can't help you there but maybe speak to the pharmacist? 

    Good luck 

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