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calories or portion size ???

,in Feb of this year my son and I have changed how much we eat and what we eat ,we are not focusing on weight loss but inch loss.My son started off at 70in waist,I 57in waist.My son is now 58in, I 49in.He is not working so is home ,I work and my job entails a huge amount of walking for any where between 4/7.5 hrs a day,we are power walking on a treadmill at home and using a multigym for toning for about 45mins a day.We are eating a satchet portion of porridge with milk/no sugar for breakfast,soup for lunch/no bread,and either a portion size piece of protein be it either meat or fresh fish with either green veg/salad.What we are unsure of is the calorie intake ,we are under 1000 calories a day.We do not feel tired/unwell with this(we are monitoring each other)niether do we feel hungry.My son is confused as to wether we should focus on calorie intake or portion size as they differ so much ?? We are looking forward to hearing some views.

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Hi Karenvarey,

Welcome to you and your son.  I noticed your query and wanted to give you a link to our Welcome Newbie post - as I think it might help you with your queries:


The Weight Loss NHS community forum is very much linked to the NHS 12 week plan resources on NHS Choices website, so maybe have a look through that plan as well.

I would go by calories to enable the portion sizes to be worked out - as you're right, portion sizes can vary significantly, depending on what 'portions' you give yourself.  As you're starting out, it can be good to put some time into looking at the calorie content of your portion sizes, and then you can go from there.  But that's just my personal viewpoint - I would definitely suggest having a look at the 12 week plan and to the Welcome Newbie post for suggestions and tips from other community members too.

Good luck!

Lowcal :-)

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Both! The plan I follow counts portions but very specific portions ie one portion is 25 g / 1oz bread, 80 calories. It is just makes it easier to count the calories, and weight loss is about mostly about calories 😊

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please what plan is that? am struggling to get information on the right portion sizes for various foods,only very few are listed other each sections of the bhf plan so i dont know the right portions for food not listed.


Well done and welcome.  Whatever you are doing keep doing it.  All I would suggest is that you take omega supplements and a general multi vit with minerals.

Having said that its amazing how little food we actually need to get all the vits and minerals we need.  You are proving that we eat because we like to eat not because we actually need it.  As you both get nearer to your idea sizes, start to introduce fruit and small amounts of other food until you reach the level you maintain at.

I am doing an under 800 (usually 500-700) cal.  Mine is possibly lower because I don't eat any simple carbs just veg and the odd few berries with protien and no fat unless in the fish and lean meat.  I can't exercise anywhere near your level but I try.

This last 2 weeks we are moving house and I have not followed my diet or exercise, maintained my principles mostly but have eaten some simple carbs and a couple of naughty but nices, even a couple of whisky and sodas.  Anyway I maintained, until yesterday when I thought I better weigh myself and lost a surprise .6lb.  Every little counts ;)

There is a general perception that feeling hungry will somehow make you ill or drive you nuts, a drink usually gets rid of hunger pangs.  I prefer to think that they are telling me I am doing the right thing, then get a drink and stop thinking about them, they go away.  The other myth is that we get low blood sugar, we don't, we just get a drop to a normal level which is were we should be most of the time (Unless you have a recognised metabolic disorder).

You are doing well, keep going and you have just given me a kick up the back side so thank you ;)

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