Mood swings

I am now into week 6 of the 12 week plan and getting good results.  However this last week I have been getting severe mood swings, from positive and energetic in the morning to flat and wondering why I am bothering in the afternoon.  I don't think it is low blood sugar as it continues even after I have eaten.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I am hoping it is temporary, and to avoid temptation in the meantime I have banned chocolate from the house and only go shopping when I am feeling positive.

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  • only on day two so cant comment on this yet, sorry, but going shopping only when you are feeling positive is the best thing to do,and banning the chocolate, it makes things much easier, good luck, and hope the mood swings pass quickly

  • My mood varies throughout the day, I am very much a morning person, 😊 i haven't noticed much change apart from more energy in general 😕 Maybe someone else can help?

  • Could you go fora walk in the afternoon at all or if you go to the gym do a group exercise.I get grumpy myself when I don't have chocolate,I now have dark chocolate maybe two pieces when I feel I need it .All in moderation.Good Luck.

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