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Rejuvenated motivation to get down to the mythical 100Kg!

My first serious attempt to lose weight started on the 5th of January 2013, I weighed in at 146.1Kg. It was pretty much an all time high for me and for once I decided I was going to take my new years resolution seriously! Within the first six months the weight seemed to fall off me and by the 27th of July I'd managed to hit 127.1Kg, I'd managed to lose 19Kg. I was amazed, I'd been keeping a record of my weight with weekly readings, but I found that I couldn't see any improvement, I didn't feel any lighter and if anything I felt more tired and achy because of the amount of exercise I was doing. I soon started to pick-up minor pains, mostly in my back and my knees and the motivation soon started to die down and I stopped losing weight. 

Today, as I sit here at my PC, I weigh 138.5Kg, still 7.6Kg lighter than I once was, but still overweight none the less. Whilst I didn't see the weight come off me, I have noticed it coming back on. Clothes I bought at my lightest are now a little too tight, I get out of breath quicker and I haven't been to the gym for months. 

I've been saying to myself, 'OK, as of Monday I'm going to start my diet and go to the Gym', but I'm sure I'm not the first person to miss these self-imposed start dates. However, today I turned 28, and I can think of no better day to start the new regime... wish me luck...

My target weight has always been 100Kg, and whilst this would still give me a BMI of 28.2 (should be between 18.5 and 25) this is still better than 138.5Kg and a BMI of 39.2!

Anyway, that's my story so far, I'll post updates every Saturday with a new weight.

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Hi Tomwazza, thanks for sharing your story. I think a BMI of 28.2 is a very respectable goal and I wish you luck with it. Maybe take your measurements this time round. Measure your waist, hips, chest, thighs, upper arms and even neck if you fancy. You'll have to believe change is happening if these go down. Remeasure once a month or when you need a boost and I'm sure you'll see some good results! Re exercise and aching, did you make sure to have rest days first time around? They're as important as exercise days - or at least try to alternate different exercises on different days. Good luck and also happy birthday! :) 🎈

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Thanks, I'll keep that in mind and take my measurements this afternoon.

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Good luck! Hope it doesn't feel too daunting. The amazing part is looking back at how big you were on the tape measure after you've lost the first few inches, really motivating. Have you spotted the 'Welcome newbies' thread in the pinned posts section? Loads more ideas there too :)

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Hello and good luck! There is lots of advice and support on here 😊 

For me (a lifelong 'dieter' ) it had to be a permanent change to the way I eat, good food but smaller portions for example. 

As the weight came down I have increased the exercise 😊 

Small goals help, initially I aimed for 5% off, then 10% 😊

Remember good habits take time to establish, the hardest for me are saying no to second helpings at dinner! And TV snacking 😕

Good luck and very best wishes 


UPDATE - Only 4 days in, but traditionally I would weigh myself on a Saturday.

I've struggled with some pretty bad lower back pain this week, this morning is the first time the pain has been tolerable. That's meant that I haven't been to the gym this week, but I have walked the dog a little more regularly.

This morning I weighed 138Kg, so a loss of 0.5. Not a great start, but not too bad.


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