New Weetabix Protein

Good morning everyone. Hope the sun is shining for you. Just wanted to recommend the new Weetabix Protein. I had them for breakfast this morning and thought they were yummy. I don't mind normal Weetabix but the protein ones have little crunchy bits in them which just added to the taste. I had them with a banana and a drizzle of honey and will be interested to see how long it is until I start to feel hungry today. Has anyone else tried them?


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12 Replies

  • Hi, I love wheat-a-bix and I looked at them last week but wasn't sure if they would taste different. 

  • I don't think that they taste a lot different to the regular ones but because of the little crispy bits I would say that there is a slight difference in taste and texture.

  • Oooh...will have to try these! I love Weetabix (I had 2 this morning) - I was worried about trying them as determination25 says in case they taste different but you've made it sound so nice!

  • Yes I thought they were great but nervous now of recommending them in case you and determination25  don't like them!

  • Would love to buy wheat -a -bix but I thought they are full of sugar and I can't eat sugar.

  • Oops never looked at the sugar content. Just checked and they have 4.8g per 100g. Looking at other cereals I have in the cupboard Shreddies has 15g, Cheerios has 21g (ouch) and Shredded Wheat Mini's has 0.6g. So the sugar content does not seem too high but If you can't eat sugar then it may be too high for you. Sorry :(

  • Never mind! You can all enjoy your wheat-a-bix! More for you! 

    I will stick to oats as it is safer!

  • I tried two this morning with milk. Tasted different almost fruity which was nice. I too am wondering how long I will last. I had mine at 9am this morning 

  • Had mine nearer 10am and I had them with milk too (forgot to put that on original post). Let me know how long you last.

  • Hi muffintop - love ur pic! I just had lunch half an hour ago but didn't have much of an appetite just felt weak so had to eat. When did u eat? 

  • Hi Adheela. I knew I wouldn't be able to have my lunch till 2pm today which is why I had my breakfast a little later than normal. But even at 2pm I didn't feel really hungry. I try not to eat the same for breakfast each day so I will have the Weetabix again maybe Thursday and see how I feel then.  Glad you like the pic! :)

  • Will look out for them when I am eating carbs again.  They do sound nice and relatively low in sugar, for a breakfast cereal.  In our house we put cereals into 2 categories.  Ones that are 100% wholegrain and the other ones that are termed breakfast sweeties, which you can only have as a treat.  Not sure which these will be.  Off to look at the wheat biscs in the cupboard.  Thanks for the heads up.  

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