LOOSE clothes because we are LOSING

With a glance to the controversial SATS for English grammar for 6 and 7 year old children, and having read this forum for a few months, I would like to point out:

'' Lose'' : is to not win, to mislay, to part with.

''Loose'': is to be free or released, not close or compact, not tight.

There is no such word as 'loosing' if we are in the process of shedding weight we are 'losing' it.

Each week we aim to lose not loose and hopefully when we have lost ( not lossed) our clothes will all be  'looser' then we can call ourselves 'losers' or successful in the battle against the weight!

 Sorry just one of those annoying grammatical errors that appears so much on this forum. Maybe we should have had SATS in school years ago:) Enjoy the sunshine, most of us! :)


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6 Replies

  • :) I didn't need SATS to know that! :)

  • Yeah, I don't think we had them in my day, but some sort of test, so long ago I can't remember:(

    This one gets me like 'their and there'. I didn't realise it was so prevalent until I was on this forum and now I have noticed it, every time I read it, I imagine laid back people all loose :)

  • It was drummed into me as a child! Where & were, their & there etc! I had a very strict primary school teacher! Actually I remember my friend and i thinking she was a witch! Haha happy days! 😂

  • Reminds me of:

    ''Grammar'' : The difference between knowing your s**t and knowing you're s**t :) :) 

    Hope the administrators forgive the 'bleeps' .

  • Love it! Spelling seems to have gone by the by with all the text speak that is around now. I get so cross with my kids when they do not spell words correctly. I have a friend who is really hot on grammar too (we call her the grammar police) and I am very careful when I reply to her texts. (Now just re-reading this post to check I have spelt everything correctly!)  Sunshine here today - have a great day :)

  • Hehehe 😊😊😊

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