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Optimistic Day 2 :)

hey hey :) :)

I think this was quite an amazing day, not feeling and hunger. i had Lunch really late because i was just so full! :)

Is it just me or do you start feeling like you've already lost like 5kg and its just the beginning ? :) 

I wont weight myself until Friday so the scales don't demotivate me just yet :) :) 

Not just that I'm feeling good about myself but this has been the first day in a while that i have just been able to sit down and really concentrate on work :)

High-5 to a better life!!! :) :)

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to answer your question, yes, whenever i have started a diet (although i dont feel this one is a diet), on day one if i have been good i feel thinner and lighter haaha. good luck for next week 


Very happy for you 😊 Onwards and downwards 


HI Trynabethingirl,

Really great that you've had an amazing day.  You're sounding positive and motivated, and that's so great!  

Good luck for your weigh-in on Friday, and I hope it goes really well.

Lowcal :-)

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