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2 Stone Gone

Hi everyone,last week I lost 1.5 pounds. So now I have reached my target of losing 2 stone  in readiness for my daughters wedding in June. I am so delighted with myself as at first I didn't think I could acomplish my goal as I have tried lots of diets without much success.  I started in January and have steadly lost 1 or 2 pounds a week. I remember the first 3 weeks very well as I struggled.  I am very pleased to announce that if it wasn't  for all the support , recipes, suggestions, and helpful posts I am sure I would have continued to struggle. So  a big thank you to all who write helpful  positive posts.  I now have to maintain my weight, and if their is anyone out their who knows a tip or two to help me I would be very grateful. This weight loss for me needs to be for life as I feel like a million dollars. I know my exercise through out has played a major roll in losing the pounds, I will continue to exercise but not as much. However Im not sure about eating more healthy food, as I shall worry about putting weight back on.??  Its advice on this  side of things, as that will be difficult for me .  As the wedding is a month away I don't want to lose more as I have already had to have my wedding outfit altered.  So anyone who is at this stage and can maintain their weight successfully, advice please.   Hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday. 

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Well I'm a maintainer, ok I gained 4 pounds and lost it, I reckon 200 to 300 cals over your losing weight should be ok, to maintain, only time will tell, be mindful.

I don't tend to over eat, these days, I've no real desire to, unless my bi polar is very bad, then I just seem to crave sugar and sleep, an energy thing, and lack of serotonin!

Glad you reached your goal which is fab, you just feel so much better when the weight is gone!

The only advice I can really give is, enjoy the freedom of new clothes and don't slip back into bad habits, the weight can be regained, bad days just go back to normal.


Thanks for the advice Diana, I will certainly be mindful after all the hard work.  Like you I have no desire to over eat I just hope that positive feeling  stays with me. I will try around 200 cals at first and take it from their.  Well done  YOU ! 

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Well done ,that is a major achievement!! I would maybe redo your calorie and BMI results and use those as a guide for maintaining if you eat the max calories , it might work as it would be a shame to undo your hard work.


Thank you dish70 I forgot about checking my BMI That should be a good guide for me. 


Whoop whoop 😊🎉😊 so pleased for you 😊

 Good luck maintaining 😊 I'm not there yet but hope to relax a little over the weekends but still be careful through the week. 😊


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