Totally lost mojo

Hi, I have totally lost the way...I know what to do having lost and gained the same six stone about 4 times. I am in a state of is totally awful. (Feels like the new senior managers want us all out that have been there for years-yes that's me). Otherwise I really have nothing much to complain about. I just feel totally like a rabbit in headlights and don't know what I need to do to move forward....I just feel like the whole world is against me, but when I look at my situation. I should be totally grateful. So Instead of trying to dig my out, I eat myself stupid and have put on so much!!

i have also given up on the gym, changed the one I liked for a new one and I hate the new one, tied in for a year........




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12 Replies

  • Do what you can, remove the food part for just a moment, what can be done job  wise, try and pay off gym early, there must be a away?

    Try and seek comfort other then in food, it never helps, you think it does giving you a fix, of whatever, the end result excess fat, and an excess food bill, yes lots of us have been there, and what for we ask?

    Now I seek warm cuddly cat, look at wise women like Katie Hopkins, and remember life is so much nicer being 2 stone lighter, folk here will help and support you, seek a plan?

    Maybe you have another soul at home, who takes care if you, good luck ,x

  • Got to be honest all of us here have over eaten that's why we are here, you are not alone and there is no shame in admitting it! The good thing is it's not the end, just the beginning of a new slim energised you, pick a plan that suits your lifestyle and go for it, you know you want to, fat is a temporary situation, good luck!

  • Hi Heidi162, 

    I can feel your frustration at life not going as planned!  Unfortunately, life has a habit of throwing difficulties at us, and it is not always easy to decide what steps to take to improve things. 

    Hopefully the work issue will resolve itself, but there is  nothing to stop you looking at alternatives available to you.  I was made redundant at the age of 50 but was fortunately able to find another (lower Paid) job pretty quickly.  After a couple of rather unexciting years there,  I subsequently decided to leave the busy urban life and escape to the country to run a guest house, which is completely different.  My weight too shows a pattern of peaks and troughs depending on my state of mind at the time!

    It is so refreshing to "rewrite the story" and write in your own happy ending.  Losing weight will help you feel more confident and ready to look at life afresh.  Don't worry that you have fallen of the wagon in years past - this is now, and the new you, and it gets easier as we live and learn what works for us.

  • I hope Dartmoor dumpling you manage to get things together, and not let food rule you?

    My biggest food journey began when I read peter D'Adamo book, eat right for your type, amazing, hard going and yet so true, it made me realise lots of my fav foods are the best for me, Hugh protein low carb.

    It also questioned my emotional relationship with food, the whys, the how's,  the childhood likes and stuff, way before weight loss, which I advise everyone to do.

  • I have been in your situation and, in fact some things are still the same, but one thing I have managed to change is my weight.  Today, I recorded a 2lb loss, which brings my total lost to 80lbs (5st 10lbs) and I feel so much better.

    You can feel better too just follow the programme and find some other means to exercise - at least the days are warmer and you can get out for a walk in the morning or evening.  I know it sounds a bit mad, but can you afford to re-join the other gym and have two memberships?  I hate those year-long contracts, they are a real swiz.

    Here is the welcome thread that Moreless wrote, it is full of loads of great stuff - read it and see:

  • I can't imagine being 5st, nor anything less from than 9 st something, you must be petite?

  • LOL, the 5st 10lbs is what I have lost so far, I am still in the 13stone range, unfortunately!

  • Is there any support you would like from us Heidi?

  • Just knowing that I am not the only one helps. I hope it's just a rut I am in, as I said I know what to do, just procrastinating and feeling sorry for myself....when I really should be grateful. X

  • Being  human, is part of life, you certainly not the only one, and at times we all feel sorry for ourselves.

  • I like what you just said about being grateful. Gratitude is a good antidote to despair. Recall and write a list of all the good things on your life 1) being part of this lovely forum, 2) having enough money to belong to a gym 3) having a job (it is always easier to find a new job when you are in one!). 4) all the lovely people you know. Etc etc... See how many things you can list. Then plan your food shopping and your menus & put those exercise classes or gym sessions in your diary.  You will get back on track soon! X

  • All I would add is give the new gym a go ot takes time.You have had a lot going on at work do I understand it's difficult to exercise as well.My suggestion would be to go a few times this week,I bet it's not so bad .We are all here rooting for you.Good Luck.

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