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Hi, i am 63 and recently retired, and have put more weight on, because i am not as active. I gave myself a year to settle into retirement, and that day is now  here. I have tried all the diet clubs, and they dont work long term for me. This group seems the best idea. So i have a new book to write everything in, have weighed and measured myself, so here's to the future. Got up today feeling very hopeful and walked along the canal, so a very good begining i think. If we help and support each other we can do anything. I weighed in at 13st. 10 1/4lbs HORROR, and i would like to be about 10st. When re-cycling came out, everyone moaned, and i used to say, we have to put the rubbish in a bin, so just put it in the right bin. With food, we have to eat, so we just have to put the right food into our mouths, and just think of the end results. I l feel better, fitter, happier, more confident, and live longer. Lets go xxx


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11 Replies

  • Your post is so motivating and sweet! :) 

    I'm on the second day of my diet so its was really nice to read your post :) 

    Best of luck with the weight loss!! <3 <3

  • thank you so much, good luck for the coming week x

  • Hi Roseyjaytay,

    I have been counting my calories since January, using an online calorie diary which I find makes the whole process much easier (I use Nutracheck) and there is another one called MyfitnessPal too.  I have just reached the same weight as you are now - but am targeting 12st 7lbs for my first target as that is a weight I have managed to maintain in the past.  I might be able to go below, but we shall wait and see! 

    Well done for making the effort to get out for a walk - especially before that band of rain sweeps through!  My calories today have been expended putting the house in order before we go away for a few days - lots of running up and down stairs! 

    Good luck with the healthy eating plans.

  • i need to get to 10stone really so a way to go,  but i am not going anywhere. first day has gone ok so far. i live alone so its night time i like to cruise my cupboards and fridge haha

  • A nibble box of low cal veg is a good thing, it does help, the mindless nibbling does no one any favours, portion packs help too!

    I've nibbled this eve, my bi polar is playing up, all stopped now ( hotel chocolat, big buttons), a few left for tomm tho, and all budgeted for !

  • well, you are organised, I l sort that out tmrw, its shopping day.

  • It's just become habit really, I tend to buy a lot of veg, carrots used to be big thing, due to dental dramas all change!   A pot of cherry tomatoes most days, low sugar fruit breakfast add in veg with dinner tonight!

    Interestingly, I bought some cocoa zero cal infusions ( hotel chocolat ) for my younger brother in Spain, 9 sachets £5.

    I don't always eat what I plan, omelettes, grilled full English ( with me its mush, tomatoes, dry cure bacon, poached egg and toast), can all be quick dinners!

  • Think of fuel, food as beneficial, for you and long term health, and excess weight as unwanted

  • good idea thanks

  • Hello roseyjaytay 😊 Such a positive post, I can feel your motivation! I am almost 55 and finally feel confident of being in control of my eating, weight coming down slowly, fitness improving slowly also 😊 

    Very best wishes, lots of help and support on here, find a way of eating less that fits in with your lifestyle, for long term results 😊

    Good luck! 

  • Thanks so much Anna61. There is so much positive help on here, haven't had time to look at everything today, but i will. thanks again.

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